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Let’s do another issue today

Wear more coats!


Coats are very practical in winter, but I don’t know if you have encountered this situation:

The same coat,

Bloggers or others dress well and high-class

, but to

We this… I can’t wear that feeling at all


In the final analysis, our matching skills are not strong enough, like blogger @xiaoxiao, she is very good at passing

Transform the inner layer

Wear your coat in a completely different style!


So it’s not to blame that the coat doesn’t look good, it’s just ours

The opening method is incorrect

, didn’t take the right shortcut to fashion.

Today I will take it

Black and khaki coats give you 7 looks

, sisters directly copy in a set and it’s over~

LOOK1: Black coat + short skirt + lace-up boots

This set I would like to call the coat wearing ceiling, the aura is superb,

Sweet cool

Play to the fullest.

Layered with leopard-print suspenders and khaki skirts, it’s eye-catching,

Create a high waistline and long legs

Proportions, great for small people.

This fake two-piece top has been very popular for the past two years, and you don’t have to match it yourself

Easily get layered feeling

The khaki split skirt is also very careful, small

The split design comes with a leg pulling effect

, also looks more playful.

Thick calves or full leg thickness

‘s sisters wear lace-up boots, revealing relatively slender thighs, looking extremely thin.

Worry about black silk + boots showing dust

word, you can again

Add a pair of white stockings

, not only can neutralize its sense of dust

Added layering


Look2: Black coat + white pants + loafers

The black coat is easy to appear dull,

Allwhite is instantly eye-catching

, clean and refreshing.

All over the body

Wide, loose and flesh

No matter how much meat there is on your body, this set will be tightly hidden for you.

It can be used when the upper and lower colors are consistent

The black belt accentuates the waistline

, not only can increase the sense of layering, but also create a three-seven ratio.

The whole body looks black and white and dull

, add a Klein blue scarf as embellishment, the overall look will not be so monotonous.

Baseball cap and underarm bag

The addition of makes the outfit

Stronger sense of style


Improved visual center of gravity

, The height was instantly raised by ten centimeters.

To avoid top-heavyness, shoes are better chosen with presence, like

Square toe loafers

, more capable and neat, inexplicably there is still a kind

Cold juvenile feeling


Look3: Black coat + slip skirt + single shoes

This set is very amazing, it is simply out of TVB

Hong Kong wind big heroine

, very suitable for going to the annual meeting or New Year party.

Black coat + red slip dress

Frost-resistant and aura

, fried chicken atmosphere, anyone who looks at it will fall under the pomegranate skirt.

The red slip dress is white and eye-catching, with skirts

The slit design conceals the leg length

, good looking and not exaggerated.

Wear a pair of red Mary Jane shoes,

Elegant and romantic

, and more French retro feeling.


Earrings not only define the shape of the face, too

It doesn’t seem too grand


Take another one

Gold necklace

, eye-catching and atmospheric, okay

Elongate the neck line

Finally, whether it’s short or long hair, I recommend you do one

Micro-roll or large waves

Sense of atmosphere

Pull up directly ~

Look4: Black coat + skirt + bright accessories

This set is very suitable for slightly fat sisters, covering flesh and showing thinness.

Black coat + large neckline dark underwear, can

Weakens the feeling of bloating in the upper body


Big breasts and fat upper body

The sisters were very friendly.


Check skirt

, which not only exposes the slender ankle, but also covers perfectly

The crotch is wide and the legs are thick and the legs are not straight

of the problem~

The tonal socks and platform shoes are secretly tall while also adding more layering.

The whole set of colors is relatively dull, matching

Tiffany blue berets and bags are instantly more fashionable

And the berets are okay

Raise the top of the skull and center of gravity

, Little sister engrave this tall carefully in her mind?!


Look5: Khaki coat + skirt + skinny boots

A different color for coats and shoes, khaki coats paired with white skinny boots

Gentle and intellectual

I’m tired of coats and small turtlenecks,

Layer cardigans to keep warm and layered

, the goose yellow cardigan is very tender.

With a checked skirt below, the color echoes the coat, and the whole will be more harmonious and unified.


Appear high


The corners of the cardigan are tucked into the skirt

, quietly Mimi

Lifting the waist line will not make the stomach bulge


Skinny boots show more thin legs, I won’t say much, match

The khaki coat is chosen in white

It will be more harmonious and look more light.


Look6: Khaki coat + sweatshirt + sweatpants

Casual Korean

A little, you can refer to this set, the combination of coat and sweatshirt sweatpants is very suitable for student parties.

The cream sweatshirt set gives a clean and refreshing feeling,

The Smoothie suit is tall

, do not pick a figure.

It is best if the sweatpants can be adjusted

Fasten your cuffs


Neat and thin

Sneakers youthful campus feeling

Full, hooded sweatshirt layered with khaki coat.

Hitch a ride again

Red baseball cap and cross-body bag

, the whole set of look is very eye-catching and more visible

Youth and vitality


Look7: Khaki coat + wide-leg pants + canvas shoes

The last appearance is this set, it seems

Casual and lazy and very personal

The green-brown contrast vest is very advanced,

Layer to create a small V-neck

The face is small and layered

The vest button half of the buttons to create an inverted V,

It also extends the leg line while raising the waistline

to avoid pressing the height of wide-leg pants.

Tonal wide-leg pants effectively cover the flesh,

Small people choose to mop the floor to the surface of the foot to show the longer legs


Speaking of this~ I hope that the sisters can wear warm and good looks every day.