Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

The Red Cross sells such stamps without face value. It cannot be used as postage alone, it can be affixed to the side of the envelope to prove that you have helped tuberculosis patients, and all the proceeds from fundraising are donated to tuberculosis patients to fund them to get through the difficulties, because fundraising is generally organized during the Christmas period, so some places are also called Christmas fundraising stamps. It has a clear anti-tuberculosis sign on it

In 1960 sang Christmas songs to go

1957 Santa Claus and Monroe

1953 singing Christmas songs

1952 candles and candlesticks

1951 Santa Claus

1949 Dove of Peace

1948 boy fireplace and Christmas stockings

1942 Santa drives reindeer

1944 Postman delivers greeting cards

1946 Palm lamp man lights up

1947 Cow pulls Christmas tree

1941 Lighthouse and cabin

1940 singing Christmas songs

1939 Angel

1938 mother and son light candles

1929 rings the Liberty Bell

1931 Family trip

1932 singing Christmas songs

1937 Carry a lantern to play with the Christmas number

1928 The big ship was smooth sailing

1927 Santa drives reindeer

Christmas performance 1926

1936 Santa Claus delivers gifts

The Christmas trumpet was sounded in 1937

1974 Build a snowman

1974 Christmas presents

1935 greeted the sun

1914 Santa Claus

1934 Cedar and log cabin

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