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Style features

The overall shape is X-shaped, with a low waist split. The front and back pieces of the bodice have two waist provinces, the sleeves are flared short sleeves, the collar is a low neckline round neck, the back of the back is stitched with invisible zippers, and the skirt waist is torched.

Specification size

Prototype structural design

1. Body structure design

(1) Prototype provincial road processing

1/2 of the back shoulder province is transferred to the sleeve hole for the sleeve hole loose amount, and 1/2 of the left in place is the shoulder line shrinkage amount. 1/4 of the anterior chest province is left in the cuffhole for loose amount, and the rest is the sleeve hole saving.

The lateral waist of the waist is ignored, partly as a loose amount, and partly as a waist tightening volume for the side seam.

(2) Draw the bodice and skirt pieces according to the style on the prototype

(1) Determine the skirt length and hip line

(2) Determine that the bust is large: the chest loose amount of the fitted sleeve dress is 8cm, and the basic relaxation amount in the prototype is 12cm, so it needs to be reduced by 4cm. Since the back seam is 0.5 at the bust line, 0.5 cm at the chest of the lateral seam of the posterior piece, and 1 cm at the chest of the lateral seam of the anterior piece.

(3) Draw the neckline and shoulder line (front neckline, at the back neckline smart clothing technology micro message 975851096)

(4) Draw the arc of the front and rear armholes, and the sharp point of the front armhole is indented by 2cm.

(5) Draw the posterior center line, determine the large front and rear hip circumference and waist circumference, and draw the anterior and posterior side sutures and hem line.

(6) Draw a low-waist dividing line, waist province.

(7) Draw the skirt cut line.

The front body piece sleeve closure is transferred to the waist province

2. Sleeve structure design

(1) Sleeve height: The front and rear pieces are combined with the side seam, and the extension line with the side seam up is used as the sleeve mountain line, and the sleeve mountain height is 4/5 of the average sleeve depth.

(2) Sleeve length line: Measure the sleeve length = 25cm from the sleeve mountain point downwards, and draw the cuff base line.

(3) Sleeve mountain diagonal line: sleeve mountain arc, cuff line.

Divide equally at the cuffs, draw a cut line, and fan unfold.

Note: According to the needs of the shape, the amount of unfolding is different, the amount of unfolding near the armpit is less, and the unfolding amount of the rear piece is slightly larger than that of the front piece.

Redraw the cuff curve.


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