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The dressing of Korean actresses has always been talked about, and women’s hearts are as deep as the sea in late autumn. You think they go to the airport just to catch a flight? Shopping just for shopping? The editor looked at the recent street photos of Korean stars, and the editor divided piont into five categories, and the little owners hurried to get these clothes killers that are comparable to the scheming girls of the Internet celebrity Erkang Young Master.

1. Short boots are available every year, and today they are particularly popular

Booties are definitely the first choice for scheming girls, and the legs are elongated to match, so no matter how cold the day is, you have to be bare-legged, and it is really a broken cauldron and a sinking boat moving forward, the wind is ahead, and there is no fear.

Former F (X) member Cui Xueli, herself belongs to a little chubby girl, although the legs are not short but still a little strong, wearing small high-heeled boots, let the calves tight and elongated, revealing white and tender skin, cute with a little sexy.

4minute member Xinya matches small socks with black booties, and Masamiko Honyako, who is sexy in Suri and looks a little cute in a small umbrella dress, but the exaggerated hair color and bright yellow coat still generously promote her personality.

Kwon Chao-hyun, who is also a member of 4minute, as the youngest in the team, her dressing style is also very age-reduced, very standard Korean girl dress, knitwear tucked into a high-waisted denim skirt, black high-heeled boots and black bags complement each other.

Nam Ji-hyun, the captain of the 4minute group, three out of five people in a group have chosen small booties to create their own street fashion Oh. But the three have their own personalities, the captain is more feminine in comparison, with a wide-brimmed hat to increase the focus of the entire LOOK, of course, what they have in common is to show their legs! Bare legs! Bare legs!

Airport photos of former Girls’ Generation member Jessica, known as the queen of fashion, each of her outfits has its own charm. This set is paired with a set of small ladies.

Girls’ generation member Xiaoyuan, handsome on stage, her private outfit is also very casual, simple black and white matching, with shiny leather boots to enhance the coolness.

Girls’ Generation member Seo Xian, as the youngest in the team, her recent style is more and more mature, and her intellectual charm is bursting. Small booties with leather skirts, black, white and camel, three autumn and winter basic colors to create a simple temperament Oh, OL is the most suitable to wear.

The national first love Xiuzhi’s high-heeled boots are also beautiful, after having a long-legged boyfriend, the first love girl dresses more and more maturely Oh, with a long skirt with boots may still be cold in late autumn, but do the inner bar.

Girl’s day member Minya wears coffee-colored flat booties with a cutout skirt, which are more chic on the street, and of course, the comfort is better than the high heel.

2. Long coat, like a dragon robe added to the body, I have it in the world

Nana, a member of Afterschool, is over 170 tall and is a hanger herself. Participating in Seoul Fashion Week this time, I did not overdress myself, and I easily created an imposing fashion outfit with a must-have super long coat for autumn and winter and jeans, and the loose hair had a lazy feeling, which is very praised.

Xu Xian’s long black coat and camel long trench coat are outfitted. Both sets use almost only a piont coat, and with the blessing of heels of the same color, it is easy to complete a set of durable outfits that can not go wrong. Full of double Q super high charm strong woman is visual sense!

4minute’s lead singer Jiayoon, it is rumored that South Korea’s airport fashion was driven by this sister. With a good figure, her usual dressing style is the editor’s favorite! Although we generally don’t use a long coat with sandals in our daily life, the upper body is paired with an almost all-black style piece with a powerful coat LOOK, good! Good! See!

Actor Sun Yezhen, gray dark pattern long coat with suit pants, calm atmosphere in line with his temperament, mainly wear pants to keep warm!

3. Leather jacket, handsome and beautiful

The cosmic beauty Yuner wore a black bright leather suit and went to the street handsomely, and put on jeans to complete the eye-catching outfit.

Actor Ha Ji Won wore several of the season’s most in-house items on his body, leather jacket, tweed wide-leg pants, high-heeled boots, and put together it did not look heavy but low-key fashionable.

Taeyan Oni’s body actually looks a little cold, the upper body is an army green short jacket with a black T, and the lower pants are a pair of leather shorts that can be similar to hot pants, but the editor still wants to give you the Amway Army green short jacket must be used in autumn and winter!

4. All black can also emit light

Girls’ Generation member Tifanny, the all-black style can also become the focus, she is not tall, her body proportion is super good, with black leggings and high-heeled boots to show her good figure, although it is a dark shape, but these small details are a careful machine to make yourself beautiful.

Actor Han Zhimin, without any extra accessories, simple all-black shape, in fact, this pants editor does not like very much, the wrinkled below looks very dragging, but Oni’s face is too beautiful to make up for the deficiency…

F(X) member Crystal, cold is synonymous with her Oh, a very personal beauty, Suri street dress is also simple, but no bright clothes on her body is good-looking, black coat and black legging together completely set off her cold temperament.

T-ara’s Hyomin, as a fashion ICON among stars, Hyomin’s dress has also received a lot of attention, this outfit that only uses a gray-blue shirt with leggings is also worth learning, mainly using oversized black shiny leather to enhance the LOOK temperament.

5. Comfortable and fashionable

Xiaoyuan’s street dress editor recently wanted to give you a few more, using a simple graffiti-patterned sweatshirt with a denim skirt, mainly using a royal blue beanie to make yourself conspicuous at once.

Girl’s day captain Suzhen , big sister looks very feminine like this, dark green small turtleneck sweater with plaid slip skirt, let their front and back upturned super good body show.

4minute’s Chris Ma represents Ji Yun, the handsome route that has been taken on the stage, and in private is also a comfortable neutral dress, with suspenders with short sleeves, the editor recommends changing short sleeves into long-sleeved knitted sweaters in late autumn, or putting leather clothes on the outside are cold and graceful.

Captain Girls’ Generation’s gray sweater jacket makes her look soft, and this sweater is usually very convenient to wear, whether it is in the office or traveling, it is convenient and comfortable.

Well, the editor must end with Crystal, a super temperamental magazine photo, with a long date-red sweater with a silk skirt and an anxile skirt.

Have you got the autumn caution of Korean actresses? Little booties, long coats, jackets, dark colors, comfortable sweatshirt jackets, etc. and much more… Sisters should deeply figure out their own style and become a beautiful landscape in the cold and silent late autumn!