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Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

This is a big boy, handsome, reserved, shy, etc., let’s look directly at the photo, don’t let me take a straight face, give a side face, don’t tell him, secretly take Oh. Well, don’t hang your appetite, go straight to the picture.

Designer: Guo Chong

Designer Level: Lead Designer

Design concept: use the inheritance of art to interpret the new life

Style: modern and simple, new Chinese, neoclassical, American countryside

Experience: 2010-2012 in Beijing Yezhifeng Decoration Company 2012-2014 in Beijing Dongyi Risheng Decoration Since 2014, he has been working in Meichao Decoration Company

Contact: 17839981070 (same number as WeChat)

Young, handsome, put away your saliva, let’s take a look at the work

Very careful design, as can be seen from the floor plan.

Can you guess the size of this apartment? 89 square meters, two bedrooms and two living rooms

Design style: Chinese style


Cost: 90,000

The owner is a middle-aged teacher who prefers quietness. Since there is a window on the TV background wall, a symmetrical shape is made. At the entrance, a simple end view was made.

The sofa background wall made a simple border design, and a dark sideboard was made next to the dining table. The combination of wooden cloth selected for the sofa is particularly suitable for the plum blossoms on the coffee table.

The top surface is decorated with solid wood lines, and the simple spotlight chandelier.

From the perspective of the TV background wall, the corridor is simple flat roof, the overall tone is relatively warm, and the book aroma is full.

The bedroom is also extremely symmetrical, with table lamps on both sides, bedside backgrounds with border lines, and no suspended ceiling on the top surface, but solid wood line treatment.

A solid wood wardrobe to the top, practical.

How do you feel after watching, whether you are still unfinished, more real construction sites: 17839981070 (WeChat same number)