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The “Our Band” program joined by Nicholas Tse has always received a lot of attention, and Nicholas Tse’s performance on the scene has not disappointed the audience. After all, as a senior-level big coffee in the entertainment industry, how can you calm the scene without two brushes in your hand?

Especially for him with a strong understanding of fashion, the styling and clothing matching of each appearance are also of great concern to fans. That’s right, this Western cowboy style has easily captured the hearts of a large number of fans.

The combination of brown and dark blue jeans is very eye-catching in the light, and although the scene is in the form of a band, his style is very eye-catching, and just sitting there will give people a cool and handsome feeling.

The shape exudes a full retro literary style, especially a cello on the side, which is very stylish. The trend and retro literary style are blended just right, and the shape has no sense of contradiction.

The brown tone gives a literary and artistic feel, while the way western denim style clothing is cut plays a pioneering role in his overall outfit. In particular, the retro and fashionable bracelet on the wrist has a good embellishment effect in the whole look.

The cutting and workmanship of the top are very fine, and the fabric selected is also very exquisite, with a strong texture and not too stiff, but it can wear the whole person out of a warm and tough male god image.

Even the cello in his hand is adding points to his retro look, taking the professional gestures and standard sitting posture of the piano, gently rolled up the cuffs, and at a glance, he looks like a handsome male god who is proficient in musical rhythm. Coupled with his original cold temperament, everything looks very high-end literary and retro.

Nicholas Tse’s expression management is also a must, although many times his label will be “cold male god”, but it does not mean that he is the kind of cold expression of facial paralysis, he is particularly handsome because of his angular face.

Although he is over 40 years old, he can’t see any traces of age at all with his delicate hair. The skin is smooth and delicate and firm, the hairline is handsome and perfect, and the shape of the big back is very compatible with the whole shape, which is more masculine and very domineering.

At the same time, he is very amiable, he still does not forget to interact with the audience, taking photos with the fans who raise their arms and wave behind him, so careful and warm he can be said to be very perfect.

Nicholas Tse, who is very dashing on the stage, really makes people sigh, is this eating preservatives? Always so young and energetic.

Looking at this very design shape, even the regular arrangement of stud decorations on his clothes is adding points to his handsomeness. A belt of the same color on the waist of the top is a good transition between the top and pants tones. At the same time, it highlights the proportion of the body and wears the visual effect of a long-legged male god.

I have to say that this look is also very successful, because those who have watched the show know that whether he has lighting on the stage or not, whether he is sitting or standing, it does not affect his charm.

This retro and handsome combination, coupled with the shape of the big back, is still very in line with his temperament. Manly at the same time, but also very handsome and exquisite, this is a generation of male god Nicholas Tse.

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