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Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

Thin cardigans for her mother, she is short and fat clothes are not easy to buy, so I always have to knit her a few pieces every year.

211 grams of Yunsu hemp cotton flat belt thread No. 10 birch tea and 40 grams of flax bright silk were used, each with a joint strand.

Picture 4 is hooked to my mother in 16 years, she is a little small and short sleeves, and I like this color, let me disassemble and re-weave (can’t make up the thread, this color is out of stock), disassemble it, this thread is really good, it didn’t take long to straighten, and it didn’t fade much after so long.

The old man is different from the young man, and the data is not easy to learn from, so I will simply record it for my own reference.

With Line:

Weaving life brand yarn store

Yunsu linen cotton flat belt line No. 10 birch tea 211 grams, flax bright silk 40 grams, each strand

With needles:

Body 4.00mm, hem 3.

5mm, cuffs 3.75mm


Bust 98cm, length 56cm, sleeves

Measure 30cm from underarmpit



0 rows x 24 needles = 10 flats

Square centimeters


Weaving instructions:

The wire is limited and can be woven from top to bottom, and the weaving method with sleeves is included. It turns out that in most cases, stick knitting is less stitching than crochet

1. 3.5mm needle 8 knitting 38 undulating needles (76 rows), along one side 4 pick 3 pick 57 needles, needle 73 stitches, knit a row of upper needles, assign the number of stitches, 8 sides + 1 left front + shoulder 1 needle + 53 back piece + shoulder 1 needle + 1 right front + 8 side placket

2. Add 15 times on both sides of the shoulder 1 needle, and at the same time add 2-1-5 to the back piece and 2-1-28 to the V-neck, and open a button hole in 20 lines.

3. Give 2 stitches to the sleeve on each side of the shoulder, add the needle 1-1-5 to the sleeve, 2-1-1-14, repeat 2-1-1 and 1-1-1 7 times, and at the same time add the sleeve cage 2-1-10, at this time the sleeve is 71 needles, and the back piece is 107 needles.

4. Add 10 stitches to the armpit, add 12 stitches to the sleeve, 117 stitches to the back of the body, 83 stitches to the sleeve, press 6-1-10, 5-1-5 for the sleeve, 3 rows of flat knitting, 4 undulating needles to receive the needles

5. The body is woven to the required length, and 4 undulating needles are collected to finish.

• end •

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