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Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

Text/Picture Hohhot Evening News reporter Ma Yan

Tasting expert: Uligimende (Director of Uligimende National Culture and Art Museum)

Client: Mr. Han:

In the collecting world, there are countless collections of all kinds, and the collection value is not the same, this is a set of wood objects that I collected a few days ago, I don’t know what the value of wood collection is?

Expert Review:

This is a set of Qing Dynasty aristocratic wood, belonging to ornaments, this set of wood as a whole gives people a noble feeling, because its material exudes a unique charm and simple and elegant shape, beautiful curves and surfaces, lines combined and echoed, is a set of interpretation of the noble status of classical artworks.

Wood collections are darker than other collections. There are four main points to identify wood: the first look at the texture, that is, look with the eyes. There are two main points: one is the texture, the texture of different wood species is different, but the texture of the same wood species is generally the clearer the better. The second is the process, depending on whether the wood board surface is flat and whether the technical process of the mortise is conducive to the joining of the board surface. Under the magnifying glass, the grain of the wood will appear clearer, and the true grain of the imposter wood and the imperfections of inferior wood cannot be hidden. The second smell of wood, that is, smelling the smell of wood with your nose. Different woods have significantly different odors, such as authentic balsam pigeon pea (commonly known as red sandalwood) has a strong sandalwood smell, which has the effect of repelling mosquitoes. The third question is the place of origin, that is, asking the seller in detail about the wood, such as origin, characteristics, moisture content, etc. The fourth weight, that is, personally weighing the weight of the wood with your hands. If the same species is used, the weight is generally the same. Combining these four points, you can judge the value of wood collection.

(Edited by Fu Rong)