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The importance of mobile phone numbers is undoubted, I believe everyone has a deep understanding of it, such as bound WeChat, Alipay, personal information and so on. And from the current mobile Internet characteristics, mobile phone numbers have basically become the last threshold for verifying real names. However, the vast majority of people do not pay enough attention to the security protection of mobile phone cards, and may not know that the SIM card itself provides this security protection function.

For example, in our daily mobile phone use, in addition to the ordinary mobile phone password security protection, we can also set a protection password for the SIM card, and the PIN code is used. Generally speaking, the PIN code is a personal identification password, and the unified initial password is 1234, which can be changed by the individual himself. However, if the PIN code of the SIM card is enabled, entering the wrong PIN password three times in a row after booting will be locked and the PUK code will be required to unlock it. Of course, users can go to the business hall for free unlocking, and the password after unlocking is still the initial password 1234.

And the PUK code is the telecom business hall to the mobile phone SIM card when the large card tray on the existing 8-digit password, this password is the user can not change, when the mobile phone PIN code is locked will prompt to enter the PUK code, and PUK code only 10 times to enter the opportunity, 10 times are input error, SIM card will be permanently locked, that is, scrapped.

Therefore, if you have enabled your PIN code, you will need to verify the PIN code before registering for the network after the phone restarts and the airplane mode restart (some smartphones can already automatically remember the PIN code, and only enter it once when the phone is not restarted). In this way, if your phone is lost, your phone number is protected by a PIN and PUK, thus ensuring maximum security.

In addition, another key difference between the PIN code and the service password is that the service password set by the individual can be changed through the customer service number with SMS + ID number proof, and the person who obtains your mobile phone and knows your ID number can remotely reset the service password or obtain personal call records. After the PIN code is entered incorrectly, you can only go to the business hall to change it in person, so that there is a link of real person verification.

So in summary, SIM card PIN code can be said to be the most foolproof measure, if you want to control the security string, then PIN setting is essential.