Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

【Today’s collocation】

Down jacket + wide belt + scarf

The most taboo thing about down jackets is to wear this slim down jacket and pull the lock! The tight and bulging feeling will make you look like a silkworm chrysalis. You can solve the bloat problem with a wide belt like the master, and it will look especially layered with a thick scarf underneath.

【With Tips】

Tips1: Cape down jacket + black leg pants + Adidas fluorescent yellow sneakers

Earlier, did Fan Bingbing’s down jacket make people feel different from the matching of passers-by at a glance? The highlight is wearing a cape down jacket and stepping on Adidas fluorescent yellow sneakers, so there is never more than one fashion point for Fan Ye’s whole body, did you get?

Tips2: Bat sleeve down jacket + glasses + mask + pencil pants + snow boots

Recently, Liu Shishi appeared at Shanghai Airport, wearing a black bat sleeve down jacket, pencil pants and snow boots. Although it is tightly covered, it is also very star-like, and what increases the sense of fashion is the shape of this bat sleeve down jacket.

TIps3: hooded down jacket + gray sequin skirt + platform shoes

Winter collocation is actually better than a level, the more layers, the thicker is much better than thin, no characteristics, Xu Jinglei’s body after looking at it for a long time still has merit, inside and out wearing so many layers, just the skirt to stare at for a long time, very different and special.

Tips4: Adidas long down jacket + pencil pants + rivet motorcycle boots

Shu Qi’s Adidas black long down jacket has been seen a lot on the street, especially the black long down jacket + snow boots are too many shapes, how can you distinguish the difference between you and other girls? Changing to a pair of black rivet motorcycle boots can give you a bit of personality.

Tips5: Knitted hat + hooded down jacket + suede gloves + army green rain boots

I like Sarah Jessica Parker’s army-green boots, which are just right to wear on snowy days. Girls who bought Hunter but don’t know when to wear it all year round, congratulations on getting new skills.

Tips6: Down jacket + hooded sweatshirt + camel suede platform shoes

The camel suede platform shoes that Rihanna stepped on when she went out, forehead… Too eye-catching. But to be honest, such a thick sole is a bit pompous, but everything is much more logical on the daily body. Daily matching If the girls also want to learn, recommend the less pompous Underground family platform shoes, black short down jacket + hooded sweatshirt underneath, so it’s OK.