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Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

Bags as the most used accessories in daily life, whether it is men or women, are in need of such an accessory, men’s demand for bags will not be too diverse, but women are different, due to clothing, each woman for bags is not much, just like lipstick, different colors and different brands are different, bags are the same, Gang’s clothes need to match different bags, so there is also an adjective such as “bag” to cure all diseases, indeed, The role of bags for women is not only to carry items, but also to match clothing, the pursuit of bags is the more popular high-end leather bags, but everyone knows that the more high-end bags, the more expensive the price. Today, Glorie will tell you where hand-customized leather bags are “expensive”.

Golori hand-customized crocodile leather bags, finely cut by handicraft, using the whole leather of the crocodile back, both in terms of size and tailoring.

The highlight of the design is to retain the whole texture of the back intact, the hand feels like touching the crocodile’s back, after processing it will not be too rough, fine use of every inch of texture, so that the whole bag looks like seamless seamless stitching into the shape, using a short belt hand-held style, carrying it on the hand to highlight the noble and elegant temperament.

Handmade leather bags are expensive in materials and craftsmanship, first of all, the material is selected from a piece of leather with the best toughness on the back of the crocodile, and the bag made is not only clear and true, but also very durable.

Secondly, the craftsmanship, hand-customized bags, for handicraftsmanship to be very high, first in the cutting need to have more accurate requirements, in addition to the overall design of the bag stitching, to be meticulous, a bag customization may take more than ten days or even longer, this consumption is more time is the patience of the craftsman.

Gololi Custom Bags hopes to inherit Chinese ingenuity through fine tailoring and craftsmanship, retain the best handicraft art, and inherit the spirit of craftsmanship.