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How to dress the most trouble-free in summer? Dresses must bear the brunt! Among the many dresses, what style can not only go to work without losing grace, but also kill straight men after work? (Knock on the blackboard, get to the point!) That has to be a shirt dress! How popular are shirt dresses this summer? Anyway, a Burberry shirt skirt made China, South Korea and the United States rush to collide with idols…

Burberry’s Fall/Winter 2017 collection is a ready-to-see model, so this shirt dress was rushed to wear just after the runway.

Burberry Fall/Winter 2017 collection

Model-turned-Kendall Jenner copied the runway with a leather beret for a spring look.

Kendall Jenner

Lin Yun wore this shirt dress to attend the “May Day” Labor Award Ceremony of China Film Co., Ltd., and combed his hair cleanly and neatly.

Lin Yun

South Korean actress Lee Yongxi also copied the way to wear the catwalk, but holding a round cylinder bag added a lot of fun.

Li Huanxi

It can be seen that a shirt skirt can definitely handle various occasions! But don’t think that the wearing method of shirt skirts is very single, in fact, different matching and a variety of styles of choice have made shirt skirts have a “various” style.

Zhou Dongyu

The popularity of shirt skirts

When it comes to shirt dresses, we have to look back at the history of shirt skirts in the 20th century. After the First World War, women’s clothing underwent revolutionary changes under the influence of feminism. Women began to refuse to wear “twisted body” clothing and began to pursue straight up and down professional women’s clothing, so simple, loose shirt skirts gradually became mainstream.

However, in the 20s, most of the skirts emphasized the sense of drape, so shirt skirts were mostly made of soft cotton and yarn.

Hand-painted clothing from the late 20s

In the 40s, the outbreak of the Second World War affected the materiel, so women’s clothing was also restricted, for example, the number of pleats in skirts was reduced, and the width of sleeves, collars and belts was regulated accordingly. So not to mention the draped fabric that feels good, so the stiff cotton shirt skirt gradually became popular.


Hand-painted clothing from the late 30s

Hand-painted clothing in the early 40s

In the post-war 50s, the economy gradually recovered, and the clothing industry also opened a mode of blooming. Haute couture gradually became the mainstream of high society, and slender, cinched waist designs that emphasized femininity began to return, and skirts rose from the ankle position to the knee. Therefore, we can see that shirt skirts at this time mostly have a belt tied around the waist to highlight the female curve.

Hand-painted clothing from the late 40s

To say that in the 20th century, who made shirts and skirts a real fashion item, basically the era icons at that time all contributed to it. From Audrey Hepburn to Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor, and even Queen Elizabeth of the British Crown and Princess Diana in her girlhood, are all loyal fans of shirt dresses.

Audrey Hepburn

Grace Kelly

Queen Elizabeth

Princess Diana

Classification of shirt skirts

In the 21st century, the shirt dress is no longer a feminist item, it has more “opening ways”. When it comes to shirt skirts, perhaps the most impressive style for many people is the oversized long shirt, which just reaches the length of the thigh to add a lot of sexy taste.

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If you want to have a little more fun this year, you can’t miss the deconstructivist shirt skirts such as off-the-shoulder and lace-up styles.


The shirt skirt is from MAJE and costs $244

The shirt skirt is from TIBI and costs $760

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The shirt skirt is from Zara, and it costs 399 yuan

Shirt skirts are also more than a fashionable way to open, it can also be sweet. For example, a flowing shirt dress with a bow decoration at the round neckline or neckline is lively and elegant.



The slim-fit shirt dress, which was all the rage in the 50s, can easily create a vintage style in the summer, full of royal orthodoxy.


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The pattern of the shirt skirt

The most common pattern of shirt dresses is plain, and white and sky blue shirt skirts are tried-and-true essentials that will not go out of style year after year.

The shirt skirt is from T by Alexander Wang and costs 1490 yuan

Secondly, the stripe style is also relatively high, and the blue and white looks very fresh, but “too hard” will have the feeling of a hospital gown. Therefore, Coco recommends that you consider dark blue, pink and white interlaced striped styles, or light blue and white diagonal striped styles.


Check and broken flowers belong to the pattern of the pastoral system, and the well-behaved is the sense of sight.


Matching of shirt skirts

The belt must be the “top standard” for shirt skirts, which not only emphasizes the waist line, lengthens the leg line, but also adds a lot of fashion. This year, street auction influencers prefer to use a wider belt or a long belt that matches the shirt skirt to decorate the shirt skirt to highlight the high-waist design.

In the past two years, many stylists also like to put a high-waist A-line skirt on the actress over the shirt skirt, revealing a little shirt edge underneath, which is very special. However, Coco feels that this collocation method is a little protracted, which is more suitable for Gao Mei to try.

The last thing to say is how to match a shirt skirt and shoes.

If you’re opting for a maxi over-the-knee shirt dress, it’s wise to pair it with Roman sandals, mules or closed-toe shoes like heels. Because the design of the long skirt itself is already a little heavy, and if you “hide” the toes, the whole will be very depressing, and it is a summer dressing tip to expose the flesh properly.

If it is a shirt skirt style above the knee, Coco recommends that you wear it with kitten roots or sneakers, the former is ladylike and the latter is casual, two completely different styles, you can plan according to your travel plans. So in comparison, the matching method of short shirt skirts will be more flexible.

It is not for nothing that shirt skirts can be popular for almost a hundred years! You can’t buy a loss, you can’t buy a fool! Are you not going to try it this summer?

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Audrey Hepburn

Grace Kelly

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