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Are pajamas still loungewear?

No, now everything is out of the field it should be, such as slippers can be worn with socks, transparent shopping bags have become the hot bags in the fashion industry, and pajamas have left the bedroom and walked on catwalks and street photography, blowing a “pajama style” trend.

It seems reasonable for fashionable people to wear anything to go out, and in the lives of ordinary people, it may only be more common to wear pajamas out of the house by going downstairs to take out the garbage, go to the nearby convenience store to buy something, or walk the dog downstairs in your own community.

Some men don’t even have real pajamas, a T-shirt and cotton pants that are no longer needed, comfortable to make, good looks anyway at home wear, don’t be so fastidious!

Having said that, pajamas for men who are concerned about quality of life and have requirements for themselves also need to be refined.

Don’t believe it, which young lady is not fascinated by the male protagonists in pajamas on TV?

The word “Pyjama” for pajamas is derived from the Persian word meaning comfortable and decent, and is often referred to simply as PJ. The British pride themselves on exporting taste and culture to the world, not only dressed in decent and elegant suits, but also pajamas, fans who have seen “Downton Abbey” or “Sherlock” should not be difficult to find that the characters in pajamas are not the same many times.

Now, TGG recommends several pajama brands, and private sophistication is what we men should do!

“Downton Abbey” stills

“Sherlock” rolls Fu wearing pajamas stills

Derek Rose

British lifestyle brand Derek Rose was founded in 1926, known as the most luxurious pajamas, has been designing pajamas for royalty, politicians, movie stars, music superstars, etc., favored by celebrities, such as in the above-mentioned “Sherlock”, the Dressing Gown (dressing gown, dressing gown) are all arranged by Derek Rose; Derek Rose pajamas can also be seen in other movies.

Alec Baldwin wears Derek Rose navy cotton pajamas in the movie Blue Jasmine.

Derek Rose enshrines the belief that “men’s dressing gowns should be fashionable, warm and comfortable”, combining styles of dressing gowns and pajamas, making luxurious men’s pajamas with a sense of luxury with high-quality fabrics, and all products are designed and developed in London, with a strong British flavor and exuding a model of elegance.

The Fit Jersey Modern Collection features a streamlined look that removes the trouser drawstring and creates a semi-elastic front crotch on the back and sides of the trousers, containing magnetic buckles (well, that’s awesome!!). )

Knitted from pure Filo di Scozia cotton, it’s durable and has a natural luster, good pilling resistance and easy to fold and lightweight.

In addition, the fabric Filo di Scozia is also suitable for allergy sufferers, ideal for even the most delicate skin, for daily contact.

Official website reference price: £200, equivalent to about ¥1781

Fashionable pajama style, wear practical pajamas for emotional life.

Men’s pajamas in addition to the common short, modern and classic styles, but also include long pajamas (split button and pullover), many men sleep do not like to wear pants, long pajamas just cater to the sleep habits of such people, comfortable design, exquisite details and luxurious soft fabrics, providing “smart and comfortable” pajamas.

Official website reference price: £135, equivalent to about ¥1200

Needle by stitch, Derek Rose’s luxurious comfort has been extended for nearly a hundred years and is still loved by people from all walks of life, with British elegance and calmness, not noisy, wearing pajamas can experience the comfort of life – I am the king of this family.

【Reference price: dressing gown ¥1068 — ¥20000; pajamas ¥1280 — ¥ 4600】

Desmond & Dempesy

Desmond & Dempesy was founded by the soul of love.

Joel, a male protagonist from the United Kingdom, and Molly, a female protagonist from Australia, fell in love at first sight after meeting in Canada, and after living together, Joel found that Molly liked to wear his shirt as a pajama, so Joel designed and cut Molly according to the style of his shirt, and made pajamas for Joel, which became the starting point of their brand, and in 2014, Desmond & Dempsey was finally born.

Joel and Molly

Desmond & Dempsey’s pajama patterns are hand-painted by Joel and Molly in London, the colors and patterns are unique, and the styles and patterns of men’s and women’s pajamas are connected, which is very suitable for couples’ pajamas.

The brand’s men’s pajamas feature traditional cuts combined with a modern aesthetic and are made from high-quality cotton for style and comfort. The rich décor is a highlight of Desmond & Dempsey’s pajamas, which do not take the elegant route, but return to the comfort and freedom of the original taste of pajamas.

Official website reference price: £85, equivalent to about ¥757

Official website reference price: £75, equivalent to about ¥668

Most of the decors are mainly natural elements, and wearing them after washing up after work seems to be able to relieve the stress and moderation of the whole day and feel the relaxation of natural charm.

【Reference price: dressing gown ¥1585 — ¥2761, pajamas ¥427 — ¥ 800】

Sleep Jones

Sleepy Jones was founded in 2013 by Andy Spade, Anthony Sperduti and Chad Buri. The original intention of the three of them to create this pajama brand was to design pajamas that can be worn comfortably and have attitude.

The comfort of pajamas can affect the efficiency of behavior and thinking, and they believe that pajamas are clothing that should not be constrained by art or lifestyle, whether it is reading, writing, painting or even going out to enjoy it freely.

Sleepy Jones: Laziness is a luxury.

Its pajamas have a casual and slightly languid temperament, full of comfort but stylish aesthetics. With the rapid development of the clothing industry, people pay more and more attention to comfort, which is also the reason for the popularity of sports and leisure in the past two years, and of course it is also because of this consumption concept in the pajama fever.

The concept of “wearing more than one dress” is not a new word, and it is just as common in pajamas, and some of Sleepy Jones’ styles look no different from outdoor casual wear, and in their design, pajamas do not distinguish between indoor and outdoor.

Official website reference price: $128 top, equivalent to about ¥860

Official website reference price: $298 set, equivalent to about ¥2002

【Reference price: dressing gown about ¥2002; pajamas ¥389 — ¥ 1840】


In Australia, no one seems to know that Peteralexander, from grandmothers and uncles to primary school students, has become everyone’s favorite pajama brand.

Founder Peter is known as the “king of pajamas” in Australia, because he found that his female friends did not have comfortable pajamas to wear, so he decided to start his pajama business.

The logo of the brand is very cute, Peter himself is an animal lover, he met a small dulshund dog Penny on the road, was knocked down by its cute and adopted it, and used its image as the brand logo.

In response to popular demand, Peter released his first menswear collection in 1994.

Each series will have a unique theme, inspired by Peter’s own whim on his own travels, such as Disney, Sesame Street, etc., which is so cute!

In addition to ordinary styles of pajamas, you will find that most of Peteralexander’s pajamas styles are very clever and eccentric, which actually has a lot to do with Peter’s own humorous and playful, childlike personality, PA’s pajamas can allow you to unscrupulously release your cheerfulness and innocence at home, and enjoy pajamas with your family.

Official website reference price: $49.95 T-shirt, equivalent to about ¥335

Official website reference price: $69.95 men’s pants, equivalent to about ¥470

In addition, in addition to the whole set of pajamas, Peteralexander’s family also has a separate selling method, let you match it casually, how happy and how to match~

【Reference price: Pajamas ¥335 — ¥ 357】

The above 4 pajama brands recommended to you are all different, from elegant and exquisite to natural life, to casual outdoor and finally quirky, I don’t know which pajama style do you like more? If there is a pajama party, I prefer to choose the funny hahaha!

In addition, if there are other pajama brands recommended, you may wish to leave a message below to let more friends know!

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