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Today, public toilets full of civilized elements are quietly located in urban public spaces. Adhering to the industry development concept of “leading in China and first-class in the world”, the green city appearance management department of Shanghai continues to promote the management and service level of the public toilet industry, and the public toilet industry has not only been continuously rated as the civilized industry in the city, but also civilized toilet has become an important consideration to reflect the civilized level of the city.

Since 2018, the Shanghai Municipal Administration of Greening and Amenities, the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism, and the Office of the Shanghai Spiritual Civilization Construction Committee have jointly sponsored the search for Shanghai’s “most beautiful toilet” selection activity for many years. With the theme of “100 Years of Dreams, Brilliant Initial Intention”, this year’s event combines social recommendation and industry declaration; Citizen voting was conducted in a combination of expert review.

Since its launch, more than 160 units have applied for the event, and 40 candidate toilets have been selected after preliminary evaluation by experts. In the end, based on online voting, the survey opinions of the search group and the opinions of industry experts at the review meeting, 20 Shanghai “most beautiful toilets” and 5 Shanghai “characteristic toilets” were selected from the six dimensions of “humanistic care beauty”, “green environmental protection beauty”, “appearance design beauty”, “civilization promotion beauty”, “functional innovation beauty” and “anti-epidemic protection beauty”.

One toilet, one view, the beauty of the city

Today’s public toilets are no longer the same “public face”, you will find that some fashion and simplicity stand on the streets, some red bricks and green tiles dot the alleys, some wear green clothes to blend with nature, they are in harmony with the surrounding environment, and tell their story with the city with their own image.

The façade of the public toilet at No. 682 Lingling Road resembles a swimming pool

The public toilet No. 682 Lingling Road is “unique”, because it is adjacent to Xujiahui Sports Park, its façade adopts a design similar to the water wave of the swimming pool, and at night, a gentle warm yellow light shines out from behind the curtain wall instead of the blue and white cold light of the traditional public toilet, so that citizens can also feel the warmth of our city at night. Stepping into the public toilet, the circulation design of the ground, the lighting line on the top surface, and the innovative logo of the toilet instantly put us in the sports arena.

The façade of the Edelweiss Road public toilet symbolizes the vitality of the Lingang New Area

The Edelweiss Road public toilet is a colorful and intelligent public toilet with a combination of wisdom and scenery. The front façade is coated with glass, which not only ensures permeability, but also highlights the effect of natural lighting, low carbon and environmental protection. The exterior of the left and right back uses outdoor lacquered art glass and punched aluminum veneer floral patterns, symbolizing the vibrant and positive scene of the Lingang New Area.

Humanistic care, city temperature

Today, when we continue to promote the refinement of urban management, the “temperature” of our public toilet management is more reflected in humanized cleaning and service.

Tianzhen Road public toilet to create “Love Mommy Cottage”

Tianzhen Road public toilet actively practices the concept of “serving the people”, creates a public toilet “Love Mommy Cabin”, sets up children’s special urinals and toilets, installs baby care tables and child seats, and effectively solves the inconvenience of citizens holding babies to go to the toilet. In addition, the rest area is equipped with sofas, and the public toilet provides free toilet paper, and free face recognition paper pick-up and branded tissue vending machines are set up to meet personalized needs. Public toilets are also equipped with convenience boxes (mother and baby), convenience umbrellas, umbrella storage, hot and cold water dispensers, and hand sanitizers, hand creams and essential oil fragrances are placed on the side of the handwashing stations, fully reflecting the intimate service of subtleties.

The third toilet of the 2411 public toilet on Changning Road meets the needs of parent-child toilets

Located on the banks of Suzhou River, the 2411 public toilet on Changning Road is designed to reflect humanistic care: there is an extended barrier-free passage outside the toilet to facilitate wheelchair access; The toilets are fully equipped, and each toilet is equipped with retractable safety handrails; There is a third toilet to meet the needs of parent-child toilets. The safe installation of high-tech eco-friendly deodorizers in public toilets ensures that there is no odor in the toilet. Strengthen disinfection and cleaning of key parts every day, build a strong line of epidemic prevention, and put up slogans and posters of socialist core values, epidemic prevention tips, civilized toilets, and green bonsai planting.

Smart technology, smart environmental protection

Zhengyue Road public toilet introduced intelligent system

With the advancement of science and technology, public toilets are gradually entering the era of wisdom. The public toilet of Zhengyue Road integrates unique wetland resources and properly places the entrance tree; Using technology empowerment, terminal displays, toilet monitoring, intelligent alarms, photohydrogen ionization sterilization and deodorization devices help realize the refined management of public toilets; Collecting solar energy sources on the roof to power the sink hot water and outdoor floor lamps, combined with the sponge city concept, the roof drainage guide is used as green space irrigation, so that the space is revitalized. The intelligent system of public toilets realizes the whole process and closed-loop refined management of public toilets, and also provides more intelligent and humane services for citizens and tourists.

The Qiao Ziwan public toilet uses high technology to showcase new functions

The public toilet of Qiaozi Bay is equipped with intelligent guidance system, fresh air system, intelligent deodorization device and background music playback system, and a service evaluation system to realize PTZ control, and the internal lighting implements built-in energy-saving lamps with induction light sources, so that residents can enjoy high-tech and new functions of toilet services at any time.

With the birth of the most beautiful public toilets, the beauty of public toilets is not only integrated into the beauty of the city, but also reflects the beauty of civilization. Along with the birth of the most beautiful public toilet is the continuous improvement of the city’s living environment, the continuous optimization of the city’s image, and the continuous improvement of the soft power of an international metropolis.

In addition, the 5 Shanghai “special toilets” are also unique.

Best Creative Design

Tree house

Located in the woods on the north side of Changyan Road in Caojing Country Park, the toilet is elevated to 2 floors, like a “tree house”, so it is named a tree house. The toilet is surrounded by greenery and integrates with the surrounding scenery, ensuring the privacy of the toilet while being in a “forest oxygen bar”, making people unconsciously relax. The interior design highlights humanistic care and green environmental protection, and all kinds of indicator signs are complete, equipped with hand sanitizer, disinfectant, face mask and other facilities, providing visitors with a more convenient and complete toilet experience.

Optimal protection against the epidemic

Toilet of Huashan Hospital affiliated to Fudan University

The public toilet is located at the intersection of Huashan Road, No. 12 Urumqi Middle Road, Jing’an District. On the basis of existing resources and on the basis of internal transformation and external optimization of work ideas, increase toilet pits, establish and improve air circulation network, embellish culture and color, and make safety and warning labels eye-catching and clear, so as to create a safe and comfortable toilet environment and alleviate patients’ anxiety when seeking medical treatment in a unique medical environment.

The best humanistic care

Jinlu Greenland Public Toilet

Located at the intersection of Luding Road, Jinshajiang Road (in Jinlu Greenland), the public toilet was officially opened to the public in May 2021, with the theme of green ecology, adopting modernist design and integrating urban aesthetic concepts, with the characteristics of “beautiful shape, green and healthy”. The toilet is surrounded by green wood inside and outside, integrating the scenery and toilet, highlighting the cultural heritage of “Shencheng” and creating a quality public toilet of “one toilet, one scene”. The first thing that catches your eye is a publicity board displaying the excellent corporate culture of the operating company, allowing citizens to understand the development process of humanistic care of public toilets in Putuo District. The functional areas in the toilet are scientifically divided, and many convenient facilities are added while making rational use of space, such as mobile phone shelves in each squatting position and urinal, and automatic incense sprayers, love umbrellas, convenience umbrellas, etc. in the toilet. In order to meet the needs of epidemic prevention, smart hand sanitizer machines and foam sterilizers are also equipped to provide convenient, comfortable and safe toilet conditions for the general public. “Small public toilet, big people’s livelihood”, Jinlu Greenland public toilet resolutely implements the principle of “dedicated management, standard cleaning, high-quality service”, and constantly provides the most intimate service for the public.

Optimal eco-friendliness

Yingdong Ecological Village – Yingxixuan

The toilet has a beautiful surrounding environment, simple and generous exterior buildings, and the interior decoration shows Chongming ecological elements, through the vibrant green plant ornaments and the embellishment of Dongtan migratory bird scenery map, it fully shows visitors the unique charm of Chongming’s natural ecology and the profound heritage of local culture, and perfectly highlights the cultural theme and connotation of Yingdong Ecological Village Scenic Area. The toilet is built and operated according to AAA tourist toilet standards, the internal design shows humanistic care everywhere, all kinds of directional signs, signs are clearly marked, toilet mirrors, hot and cold water hand cleaning equipment, hand dryers, toilet spaces for the elderly are all available, and equipped with emergency call devices, automatic flushing devices, background music, etc., to provide tourists with a convenient and comfortable toilet environment.

The best of scientific and technological wisdom

Tianzhen Road toilet

Walking into the public toilet hall, the stylish, simple and modern decoration style makes people shine, and various intelligent elements can be seen everywhere, such as the handwashing area with touch buttons, the mirror with defogging and lighting functions, and the fresh air system integrating ventilation, air conditioning and fragrance. Adhering to the tenet of “serving the people”, the public toilet has created a “Loving Mommy Cabin”, set up a children’s urinal and toilet, installed a baby care table and a child seat, and effectively solved the inconvenience of citizens holding babies to go to the toilet. In addition, there is a sofa in the rest area, and in addition to providing free toilet paper, free face recognition paper pick-up and branded tissue vending machines are set up to meet personalized needs. Public toilets are equipped with convenience boxes (mother and baby), umbrellas, umbrella storage, hot and cold drinking fountains, and hand sanitizers, hand creams and essential oil fragrances are placed on the side of the washing station, which fully reflect the intimate service of subtle details and the purpose concept of “serving the people”.

Author: Shi Bozhen

Editor: Zhang Tianchi