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Hi everyone, I’m Little Monkey. Those who are familiar with cars must know that new cars will have a great taste after they are bought. The mid-to-high-end brand cars will have one more optional function: negative ion purification generator. Especially everyone can choose this function on the major flagship series models. So what is a negative ion generator for? As we all know, negative ions are a form of ions that naturally occur in nature, and waterfalls are common in both forests and lakes. Negative ions themselves come from nature and have a certain inhibitory and killing effect on bacteria and viruses.

At present, the vehicle’s standard on-board negative ion purifier will actively and continuously release high-density negative ions into the air during operation, and these negative ions will be scattered in every place in the vehicle space, at this time, the polluted particles from the outside of the vehicle will be adsorbed due to the adsorption of the charge, so that we can enjoy the fresh air close to ecological nature in the car. What if my car does not have an optional negative ion generator? The on-board negative ion generator in the automotive aftermarket is a good choice.

Reason for purchase

Considering that each drive on the daily commute is up to 1 hour, it is often necessary to drive on the road with a tired body after waking up in the morning. If the weather is bad that day, or when the window cannot be opened for ventilation in polluted weather, if there are air vitamin negative ions while opening the internal circulation, then the driving will naturally be fresher and make people happy. Therefore, this time I had the opportunity to get this one from France

Teqoya Oxygen brand car negative ion generator.

Product introduction

TEQOYA is a French company focusing on the development and manufacture of eco-grade negative ion air purification products. From the beginning of research in university laboratories to the introduction of products, to the realization of industrial mass production, the development of various series of products that meet market needs. TEQOYA products are 100% completed in France from design, development to manufacturing.

Compared with other brands of automotive negative ion generators, this Teqoya does not have any electrostatic discharge phenomenon. At the same time, 100% French research and development, design and manufacturing, not only in line with Chinese standards, but also in line with more stringent European standards. 10-year warranty on OxyCoOxygen; For common anion generators that may produce ozone problems, this product has zero detection of ozone release. In terms of operating noise, this product achieves completely zero noise and extremely low power consumption during operation. In addition, this vehicle-mounted ionizer can also purify polluting particles as small as 7 nanometers (equivalent to PM0.007), which is much higher than the ability of physical filter purifiers to intercept PM0.3 at a minimum.

▲This product adopts a silent design without filter and no consumables

▲The maximum concentration of 80 million negative ions per cubic centimeter can be released

▲Easy installation, only need to clamp in the air conditioning outlet

Unboxed display

After getting this on-board negative ion generator, you can see that the package includes a total of negative ion generator, power cord, mounting bracket and inverter charging cable.

▲For some models with 220V power interface, it can be used directly with external power supply

▲For models without 220V power supply, you can use the built-in inverter power cord plugged into the cigarette lighter

▲The built-in negative ion generator mounting bracket is very small and can be easily installed on the air conditioner outlet

▲This mounting bracket adopts the fixed method of spring tongue

▲Press the handle part down to open the bracket clip

▲Then insert the negative ion generator down on the mounting bracket to complete the preliminary assembly process

▲Bracket installation is simple and easy to learn

▲Even if the bracket is installed, this on-board negative ion generator is still very small

Usage experience

Negative ion car purifiers have appeared in European and American countries for many years, the benefits of negative ions in addition to purifying the air, but also help drivers improve driving attention, always keep a clear mind. Therefore, I took the time to load this on-board negative ion generator into the car as soon as possible. It is only necessary to fix this on-board negative ion generator on the air conditioning outlet of the vehicle, open the clamp and clamp it to complete the installation process.

▲ Through the vehicle air conditioning, negative ions can be diffused into the entire interior space

▲The volume of the entire negative ion generator is not much different from that of ordinary car mobile phone holders

▲As a live device, because its high-voltage negative ion generator is hidden inside, there is no need to worry about the risk of electric shock.

▲Daily maintenance is also very simple, only need to wipe the outer surface of the six negative ion generators with toilet paper, most of the particles will be adsorbed in this area


As a model from France

TEQOYA gets oxygen

The on-board negative ion generator provides the option of later installation for vehicles that do not have the standard negative ion purification function of the original factory, while its small, safe and power-saving and ten-year warranty quality assurance also ensure the reliability of later use. Although in terms of price, the current price of pure imports is slightly high, but if you want to create a comfortable natural environment for your car, this car negative ion purifier is also a good choice.