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Casual and formal dresses are favored by countless girls, and they are indispensable on the runway, and the return of sophisticated styling is also reflected in the design.

The hem is voluminous and the upper body is a feminine fit with a slim fit. This design is suitable for casual wear as well as for workplace gatherings.

Suitable for girls of all ages, the ruffled slim open dress updates the lightweight tank top skirt with a halterneck shape and cut-out detailing.

Summer bohemian dresses are comfortable and easy to wear, taking into account the novelty and familiarity of the design, which can resonate with consumers.

Healing gingerbread is an earthy neutral color suitable for checks and prints. Continuing the success of the popular home dress, it’s fitted with modular details like ties to create an adjustable fit.

Delicate handmade textures such as English embroidery stand out when paired with printed tulle or bright white, giving them a lot of personality.

Shirts and dresses come in a variety of styles, and a more sophisticated fit is the key to creating a mix-and-match professional look. Styling ranges from delicate pleats to joyful designs with checked boxes, and matching accessories are also available.

Panels create reconstructed dresses with sweet trim that can be upcycled.

Modern versions of versatile mini dresses from the 60s have emerged, and after several seasons of casual styling, close-fitting straight skirts have become popular.

The simple, long sleeves are a colourful vehicle for layering across seasons, while the chunky gold trims update the party look. The matching tailoring jacket reinforces the 60s feel.

Turkish robes are taking Sydney Fashion Week by storm, and Bondi Born has renovated Turkish robes with a modern off-the-shoulder design and decorated them with glamorous tassels to create a beach bar look.

Cut it from structured poplin or patterned weaves to create a style that can flutter freely and have a feminine feel.

The 90s-inspired butterfly print is aimed at the younger market, and the demure fit with details such as a pleated collar is perfect for parties.

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