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Wearing it strictly can not forget the need for warmth in the head, hats are the first choice we can think of, after all, the cold wind outside the Great North will still freeze the scalp numb. Of course, the role of hats is not only to protect against the cold.

1. Knitted cap

The cold effect of knitted hats is the most obvious, whether it is fine knitted or coarse knitted, it can provide you with enough warmth, wrapped all the way to the ears, so that you can avoid the embarrassment of red ears.

Knitted cap

+ Sweatshirt is preferred, a warm sweatshirt with knitted hat, such a combination is not bloated, but warm enough. If you want to create a street feel, opt for a loose sweatshirt! ↓↓↓

Knitted hat + turtleneck sweater + coat

, the warmest combination of sweater and coat, put on a knitted hat, plus a pair of windproof sunglasses, go out no longer have to worry about “the north wind that blows”! ↓↓↓

Of course, it can also be like Justin Bieber, use


To add a touch of vitality to winter, it is worth trying in casual wear. ↓↓↓

If you find coats and bright colors difficult to control, learn from David Beckham,

Knitted hat + leather jacket

Easy and casual. ↓↓↓

2. Gentleman’s hat

Gentleman’s hat, as the name suggests, it is prepared for gentlemen, representative of which has bowler hats, of course, modern people do not need to be as orthodox as old gentlemen, and more casually add indentations in the hand grip on the hat.

Since it is a gentleman’s hat, it must be inseparable from coats and suits, gentlemen’s hats and suits can be said to be a perfect match, usually made of gentlemen’s hats and smooth suit surfaces contrast, more textured.

3. Baseball caps

Baseball caps are the most casual, and in the past few years when sports are supreme, baseball caps have occupied an important position in the fashion circle. Although the baseball bat is not excellent at the level of warmth, the colorful design and ease of compatibility can still give 32+ likes.

Tannin denim is masculine enough, baseball cap is sunny enough, masculine and sunny are the temperament that boys need, although it is winter, but the weather is still hot and cold, in not too cool weather can still be dressed like this. ↓↓↓

One body

Black + white

The layered shape, such a dress is very instructive in winter. ↓↓↓

The biggest advantage of baseball caps is that the choice of colors and materials is very wide, if you like to play cool, you must have a baseball cap. ↓↓↓

4. Cap

Many times we misinterpret the true meaning of the cap, which is not the golf cap that Xiaogongju just debuted or Eminem wore at his concert. The flat-topped and visor, which emerged in the twenties and thirties of the last century, became popular after World War II.

The caps have some retro looks that are suitable for matching suits and coats. Knitwear when it’s cold. ↓↓↓

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