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Culottes are suitable for girls who are not usually used to wearing skirts, and layering skirts under the basis of daily pants has both layers and femininity brought by skirts; In addition, culottes can also be a good combination of sisters who dare not be too sexy, such as: suspender dresses dare not wear alone can add jeans, add more sex, reduce the exposed part of the skin is more secure! Finally, it is also very suitable for newcomers who want to try layering, as long as the color system is right, it is not easy to make mistakes, let’s take a look at all kinds of culottes!

1. Thin slip dress + denim jeans:

Dressing tips: pants must land! The length of the pants is in the style of layering culottes, and you must choose floor pants! Scratch the point! Here are the must-have questions! It doesn’t matter if the length of the skirt falls on the calves, thighs, knees, but the skirt must not be able to show the complete leg line, so choosing cropped pants in the pants part will make the overall proportion look compressed below the skirt to the pants range, and will become legs! Very! Short! At this time, the visual effect of using floor pants to create an extension will look more slender.

2. Floral dress + slim jeans

This demonstration has Ms. Rosé of international superstar BLACKPINK! (Cheers) Everyone, you must remember that the skirt is too narrow and wide pants, in addition to being hot like a steamer in summer, you yourself are fat like a steamer; The skirt is too wide and the pants are too narrow, you will be like a ballet dancer walking down the street in a puffy skirt with leggings, and the width of the pants remember to match the umbrella opening of the skirt, otherwise the consistency of the overall outfit will be greatly reduced. Let’s see Ms. Rosé show us a narrow dress with slim jeans~

3. Skirt + suit pants layered

In addition to the dress series, the skirt layering is more flexible, and the style of wearing is more diverse, which can easily match the handsome outfit! Dressing tips: The color of the skirt should be coordinated with the color of the pants! This time the skirt pattern is more complicated, the color is also more intense, novice players can give priority to starting from black and white, choose the upper body and pants, more advanced can choose the color from the skirt itself to echo the match, of course, in a more advanced outfit can also challenge the color contrast, but at this time I will recommend that the pattern and pattern of the piece is not too complicated, only use the color jump will be more advanced.

For more information on contrasting culottes, please refer to the outfit

4. T-shirt + dress + jeans + sandals

This time, Ms. Rosé was invited to return to the show to demonstrate this kind of dressing is the most diverse style of wearing, the choice of dress can be in addition to deep V, hollow dress (not applicable to the evening dress) can also be matched with the skirt mentioned in the first 3 points, the choice is very wide, the style has become very diverse, the T-shirt part can be changed according to today’s dressing style, the most typical is the picture demonstration of the close-fitting top and white T-shirt. But anyway, a large part of the highlight of the culotte is the bare feet! Surprised or not? Surprised? I personally think that in addition to having a casual atmosphere, the final use of sandals or slippers and foot drags is also to eliminate the excessive accumulation of skirts + floor pants, so that the overall outfit sinks and becomes visually thick.

5. Gauze skirt / translucent skirt + pants

In the end, many people should have seen this kind of outfit appear on the pages of major Korean online auctions, this kind of skirt is completely the first choice for summer layering, no need to be afraid of the stuffiness caused by layering, but also increase the sense of layering! Dressing tips: skirts are the highlight, style does not fight! The skirt as a cover is considered the highlight of the outfit, and the ordinary check or solid color gauze skirt is easier to control, you can think about the changes in the top and pants, but, but, but! Novice players are still safe to start with solid underwear or white T+ jeans! Especially if the outer cover can be used as the main visual check or pattern, it is best to reduce too many patterns and other eye-catching colors on the body to create a simple, clean and aesthetic outfit!

Well~ The above is today’s dressing tips, I hope you have gains ♡, don’t forget to like and pay attention to it!