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After reading the current situation of the inner volume of the toy circle, I am worried about the childhood happiness of the flowers of the motherland. In the past, after the old father bought a PS5 for himself on the grounds of “buying toys for his son”, he would still buy some children’s toys for his children to make up for it. Now, the form of children’s toys has evolved into a form that adults like, and I am afraid that the old father will rush to play with the child after buying it.

Unbelief? After reading the following children’s toys, you will know how attractive they really are.

Alloy AE86 tofu shop building blocks

I strongly doubt that this brick was bought to attract old fathers, after all, which child will watch “Headword D” as a child. And this building block is also made of particularly realistic, AE86 can light up, there are sound effects, the door, trunk, and front cover can be opened, in my opinion, it is more fun than a figure. This building block is very much liked by my 284-month-old child.


This building block rail car looks boring when it is identical, but you don’t feel so when it starts, the rail car can not only drive on a flat track, but also play “upside down”, watching it all day without feeling bored.

Dinosaur car

It is highly recommended that this dinosaur car come out with an adult version, it is really fun. The dinosaur car can not only ride, but also sing and tell stories, and most importantly, it can also spray, so handsome!

Mortise and tenon guns

What man wouldn’t want a toy gun, this one

Mechamu World

The revolver and the real product are 1:1 scale, deeply restored to the original shape. Moreover, the mortise and tenon gun adopts a full mortise and tenon structure, and the unique assembly fun is not given by Lego. Although the structure is complex, there is no need to worry about the difficulty of assembling, the mortise and tenon gun are matched with drawings, and each mortise and tenon part is marked with a number, and the pistol can be easily assembled according to the corresponding parts placed according to the drawing.

After the pistol is formed, remember to put the target together, place the target position, and apply the “bullet” to the mortise and tenon gun to experience the joy of revolver shooting. The revolver original can activate up to six shots at a time,

The mortise and tenon gun also has a reduction in this, and six “bullets” are buckled on the runner, and the joy of “six bursts” can be felt by pulling the trigger continuously.

The mortise and tenon gun structure is tight, the gun body is hard and does not need to worry about the problem of falling apart, it is very durable, and it can be built with confidence and boldness. In addition, the mortise and tenon gun is also made of high-grade wood material, no cutting hands, no peculiar smell, very easy to pick up, and safe for children to play.

Planting cabin

This is a healing toy, suitable for parent-child play. When you carry a seed and witness it growing day by day, it can be very fulfilling, for children and adults alike.

After reading the above five “children’s toys” I don’t know if you are moved, have you found that I took the initiative to give “children’s toys” double quotation marks, because I think these toys can also make adults move, say that it is for children to play rather than to be a toy suitable for both young and long, you are right!

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