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Versatile style, fashionable and beautiful, every girl should have a striped shirt.

When it comes to the easiest fashion items to match, it’s not a shirt. The striped shirt, which can be worn in multiple styles, is an indispensable piece in many fashion bloggers throughout the year. No matter what style, wearing a striped shirt will make it easy. Let’s learn how to wear your versatile style~

(1) Wear it with straight pants, casual style

A blue and white loose striped shirt paired with dark straight-leg shorts is a casual everyday style, casual but not casual. The combination of shirt and shorts is not lost and adds a bit of casualness. such


The style has also become very popular in recent years~

Girls are also very handsome in this way, and girls are not inferior to boys when they are handsome. Plus a leather black satchel, stockings and sneakers,

Boyfriend oversize wind

More eye-catching.

Striped shirt layered over turtleneck cardigans

, warm and good-looking. Extended straight-leg mop jeans are more neutral and handsome, looking thin and tall. Nike baseball caps add mystery. Simple clothes can also be full of high-end feeling.

(2) Wear black cotton clothing, sports style

Wear it this way in winter, warm and stylish. The black cotton suit and black straight-leg pants are a bit monotonous, but wearing a striped shirt inside not only protects from the cold and wind, but also brings a touch of freshness to winter.

The American black trendy brand rhombus and striped shirt are surprisingly compatible, with a loose and languid atmosphere. The addition of a white backpack and tonal sneakers is stylish and age-reducing.

(3) Layered knitwear, temperament style

Wearing this set in early autumn to ensure a full rate of return, loose black cashmere sweater, layered blue striped shirt and black turtleneck underwear, plus draped black suit pants and black canvas shoes, drag sister temperament up up~


Black layered striped shirt

Heavy and monotonous are avoided

, the sleeves are pulled open for more eye-catching.

High-waisted suit pants

elongation of body proportions,

The corner of the shirt is tucked in

Legs are straight and slender. Black sunglasses and black underarm bag make the aura open, just one word, drag!

Part of the brilliance of autumn and winter comes from


, cardigan plus shirt looks good and you can’t go wrong.

Inside is layered with a blue shirt and a preppy vest, and the suit jacket that is not very OS is worn very formally, and the loose knitted vest is pressed a little and then the waist is more daily lively.

Side buckles of the coat

The design is fun, and it will look better when buttoned.

The combination of jeans and small leather boots is also excellent, cropped pants with a small leather shoe,

Shape the legs

, make your legs look straight and slender, and also commute. Wear it like this to work!

(4) Korean style short skirt, sweet style

Girls who like Korean style clothes look over~ This mid-length blue striped shirt with gray pleated skirt is directly full of Korean style. The wide fit shows thin flesh, and the exposed gray skirt deepens the Korean college style. The black boots elongated the legs, looking tall and thin.

The careful opening design of the shoulders can better set off the right shoulders, and the cuffs are turned up to make girls more petite and cute~

The most Korean is not a striped shirt, and the combination of some small jewelry also enhances the sense of atmosphere!

Small girls can add such a large cross-body bag, which will also appear more slender and small, making people look full of protection~

(5) Classic vest layered, lazy style

Striped shirt + vest + suit pants

, Juxian tall and thin!

Layering over a shirt in an autumn vest

It can be said that it is a very classic way of dressing, and it will never step on thunder. Soft knitted vest fabric with draped striped shirt that directly elongates the proportions. Suit pants are high-waisted and wide-leg to modify the leg shape, and small girls don’t have to worry.

This green and white stripe has wider stripes and will look thinner. Paired with a satchel and metal jewelry in the same color, you will be the most beautiful boy walking on the street!

(6) Coats are layered, intellectually gentle style

Be sure to try layering coats in autumn and winter! If you don’t want a dark coat to wear too dull, you must try it

Layering Dafa

Ah~ The coat with the refreshing and simple blue and white striped shirt instantly becomes there


, which is eye-catching.

Slip it on with straight-leg jeans for comfort. Dark brown denim booties also enhance the temperament. The classic reddish-brown small square bag has a bit of retro feel, and it is versatile for everyday life.

The coat layering is really intellectually gentle ~ And the whole set looks even more

, will also better play the aura and temperament of the coat. Tall girls wear this in autumn and winter, they are walking urban beauty!

This brown plaid coat is also particularly gentle to wear~ The whole body exudes a warm atmosphere of winter, a proper Korean drama heroine~

Who can say no to a striped shirt that can be styled in any style, no matter what the season, wearing it is a bright existence.

Striped shirt and straight-leg pants “genderless” wear, simple clothing can also wear a sense of premium, boyfriend force max; Small girls wear striped shirts and pleated skirts, and the Korean College is full of style, which will look more petite and cute.

To look fashionable in autumn and winter, it’s important to learn to layer.

Striped shirts and cotton jackets keep warm and cold, and the oversize sporty style never goes out of style. Striped shirt and cardigan to avoid the heavy and dull coat and bring a different kind of freshness; Striped shirt and coat, warm and temperamental, tall and thin, instantly layered.

“Don’t chase trends, don’t let fashion dominate, you are everything that determines personality, clothing style and attitude to life.” Start with a striped shirt and wear your own style.

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