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Wearing this cool T-shirt, everywhere you go is like an air-conditioned room, and the temperature has risen widely

I obviously felt that the long sleeves could not be worn, and it was like sweating

The body often sweats, and there will be bursts of smell wafting by….

Wearing slightly thinner clothes for coolness is even more deadly

If you are not careful, you will “bump”, as if you are playing hooligans

I really can’t wait to go out with the air conditioner all the time

Or water some water to cool off

Don’t panic

Today I will bring you an air conditioner that can be “worn on the body”

10,000 vents

Cool to every trace of cool fabric, cool to the heart

How good is 10,000 holes?

The water spewed out by the water gun barely had the slightest impediment to penetration

It’s cool to put on!

Reason for recommendation:

1. Fabrics made of cold water stone,

It’s the same as wearing “air conditioning”, cool to the heart

2. 10,000 breathable holes to wick away moisture and perspiration,

It won’t be stuffy, and your clothes won’t stick to your body

3. The fabric is as silky as skin,

As comfortable as silk fabric

4. Simple and generous fit,

You can wear it to work and go out, and it’s versatile

Make an “air conditioning” T-shirt out of stone

Wear it on the body to cool the heart

This fabric is amazing, it is made of cold water stone

Cold water stone is cool enough to listen to, and cold water stone can also be used as medicinal herbs

Sex: Bitter, cold, and the effect of clearing heat, cooling blood and lowering fire

Although Hanshui stone is a good stone

But making it into clothes is a very complicated process

The fluid mill is used to finely process and micronize the cold water stone to obtain micro-nano-level powder, and the powder is added to the spinning liquid by special dispersion technology to prepare a masterbatch that is easy to store. The masterbatch is melted and extruded by spinning, laminar flow side blowing cooling system to prepare cold water stone fiber or filament.

Because the cold water stone has melted into every fiber

So the coolness also comes from inside each fiber

The fibers created in this way are washed and kneaded

Exposure to the sun will not affect the coolness of the clothes

Cool durability seconds sale only layers of cool fabric

This cool material fabric has a high thermal conductivity

Cools the body down quickly

The fabric is also tested by professional institutions

The cooling coefficient is 0.23 (the larger the coefficient, the cooler)

It is much cooler than the national standard for cool fabrics

Clothes made from this fabric

What is the difference between wearing and ordinary clothes

Two pictures tell you

The first one is the feeling of wearing ordinary half-cut sleeves

After wearing it, the body is the same as basking in the sun, thief hot

The second one is the feeling of wearing this cool half-cut sleeve

It was like entering an air-conditioned room

It’s cooler than your bare upper body

When hot, the human body temperature will inevitably rise

At this time, if the clothes cannot dissipate the heat of the body

It’s like wearing a steamer on your body

Stuffy with a feeling of collapse

Therefore, the thermal conductivity test must be arranged

Thermal conductivity test: 8 seconds faster than ordinary half-sleeve thermal conduction

We place our hands directly under the two clothes

Let the heat of your hands shine through naturally

Cool T-shirt Regular T-shirt

The first is the ordinary half-cut sleeves

The temperature of the hand takes 18 seconds to penetrate the clothing

Allow the surface of the garment to reach 30.3 °C

We’re looking at our Hang T-shirts

After only 10 seconds, the temperature on the surface of the clothes reached 30.1°C.

Wear clothes that disperse so quickly

Those who are not afraid to stuff themselves are sweat

Coolness test: 2.1°C lower than regular half-cut sleeves

Without further ado, direct measurement

Our little brother wore two half-sleeved jump ropes

The first is the temperature before jumping rope, in order to ensure the fairness of the experiment

We chose the little brother to test at a temperature of 31.4°C

Cool T-shirt

Regular cotton T-shirt

Then he jumped wildly with a jump rope for almost 3 minutes

Let’s test it again and skip the later

Wear ordinary half-cut sleeves and raise the body temperature to 34.2°C

The body temperature of wearing a cool T-shirt is 32.1°C

Note: It is normal for the body temperature to rise after exercise

If nothing else, wear clothes that make yourself cooler

Now this time is definitely much more comfortable than blowing an air conditioner

The heat whizzed out

10,000+ vents

Breathable and moisture-draining, not stuffy, cool!

What else can cool yourself off

It must be a breeze~ The breeze touches the skin through the clothes

What a cool word

And not wearing clothes

Cool T-shirt with a special knitted mesh structure

It can penetrate the cool breeze in the first time, and it is even cooler and not transparent

Is it really that breathable?

You see, the faint light of the phone can penetrate

The surface of the T-shirt does not look like a sky full of stars

Breathe in a cool T-shirt!

The candle in front of you is directly extinguished!

Walking on the street in it, you definitely have the feeling of “armpit wind”

This design also helps metabolize the body’s heat

Evaporate at the first time

Keep your body cool every moment as if you had just put it on

Look at the ordinary cotton T-shirt, no matter how hard you blow it

It’s really a slight leak that doesn’t leave me a gap!

This is no different from being in a steamer

What does it feel like to wear so many holes on your body?

Let’s put it this way, it’s like dry ice penetrating clothes in an instant


As silky as “silk”

High elasticity does not deform, and it is as comfortable as not wearing it

Wear a top

Of course, the comfort of the clothes is also important

The fabric of this dress really feels unspeakable

It feels as silky as “silk” and as comfortable as clouds

There is no foreign body sensation when worn on the body

And the elasticity is particularly large, and you don’t worry about deformation for how long you wear it

There is no feeling of restraint when exercising

How you want to move, how to move

If there is a crease, it will be restored as soon as possible

It won’t be wrinkled

The detail is also particularly good

Classic crewneck for comfort and untetheredness

The reflective logo design of the shoulders and back makes it safer when running at night

Fine stitch lock at hem

No extra threads, more texture

And the washing does not fade, and it is more secure to wear

It does not pill when rubbed with a steel comb, and it is more durable

This dress has also been tested by professional testing institutions

There is no smell, so you can wear it with confidence

Simple and elegant shape design

It can be worn daily and at work, and it is good to match

The shape of this dress is slim, and it feels particularly spiritual to wear

Daily outings

The company can wear it for office, and it is very good to match without picking a shape

Two colors, good looking and versatile

What are you waiting for, hurry up and come in and take a look ↓↓↓

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