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I’ve seen a lot of gimmick products with the name “smart” typed, and I call them “smart scrap”. Especially when smart products were popular a few years ago, many smart products, from a variety of niche brands, and then added a step counting function or weather function, to attract consumers with the name of “smart”.

“See what others say” is the simplest and most straightforward idea in the hearts of consumers today. In the face of smart products, first see how others use it, whether it is a gimmick function, or really practical, a look at the article or video to know a little or two.

Last week, the author wanted to buy a new electric kettle at home, the original electric kettle could not be kept at a constant temperature, resulting in me often getting up in the middle of the night without water to drink, originally wanted to buy a drinking all-in-one machine, but the product price and filter price are really unaffordable. Finally, in the process of browsing Honor’s personal selection, I found a product called Shibo intelligent constant temperature electric kettle.

The author still has quite a lot of honor ecological chain products at home, including honor smart screens, honor routers, and smart fans, so the plan is to choose a smart hot water pot to form an ecological chain. In the actual experience process, I found that this Shibo intelligent constant temperature electric kettle is actually very suitable for not being used alone, and it is also a good choice to start alone.

Appearance design, simple but not simple

On the left is the electric kettle I am currently using, and on the right is the Shibo smart thermostatic electric kettle that has just arrived, have you noticed any difference?

To put it simply, at first glance, one is mediocre, and the other is looks and art. The design of the Shibo intelligent thermostatic electric kettle is simple but not simple. My opinion is that no matter what the product or what style, minimalist design is always the most popular, and I believe that everyone will not refute this sentence. Young people are all appearance associations, and they always feel very fond of the simplicity and freshness brought by minimalist design.

Semi-open handle design, the whole machine uses a white style, which does improve the appearance of home appliances by an echelon. The base is also a white design, and there is also a screen with real-time temperature display, which is more eye-catching at night.

Shi Bo intelligent constant temperature electric kettle, anyway, from my first vision, just two words, is very good-looking. Its workmanship is solid, and the edges are cut relatively regularly, which makes people feel more at ease.

In terms of material, according to the description of the introduction page, the double-layer insulation structure is adopted, which can achieve better thermal insulation performance, and at the same time it is not hot when held outside. From the actual measurement experience, boiling water to 100 degrees, directly lifting the hot water kettle, the surface can feel a little warm, but the overall is more acceptable than the traditional electric kettle, and the heat insulation effect has indeed been significantly improved.

Detail design, no one else

As mentioned above, in the base of the base, there is a real-time temperature real-time display screen, which can accurately provide users with water temperature conditions, and can better meet different temperature needs for use scenarios such as milk, tea, and coffee.

Of course, the design of the base, after all, can only make only one screen in the center.

However, when we really use it in our daily life, we usually inadvertently move to the base, how to solve this problem? I can only say that the ecological products selected by Honor are indeed very user-friendly, and there is a display light ring on the base. In 1~35 °C is displayed as white, 36 °C ~ 74 °C is displayed as yellow, 75 °C to 100 °C is displayed in red, double water temperature display, more convenient for us to understand the water temperature status.

The two-stage one-button opening is also a design feature of the Shibo intelligent constant temperature electric kettle. When pressed, it is anti-splash to open the lid, press and hold up, and it is a two-stage large angle to open the lid, which is convenient for cleaning and receiving water.

Detailed can refer to the GIF below, this small design is also quite intimate, there have been traditional hot water pots burned to the back of the hand before, the anti-splash design is very exquisite.

When I finished boiling a pot of hot water, I found that the top lid would turn into a mist of water and did not splash out the moment I opened the lid. After understanding, it was found that this scheme is called the upper cover water gathering ring design, and the opening of the cover instantly accelerates the cold water fall, so it effectively avoids boiling water splashing.

The description in words is indeed not very realistic, everyone has used a traditional electric water heater, a little review of the moment when the water droplets fly out at the moment of opening the lid, you know this scene.

The inner tank and top cover are 304 stainless steel design, and now there are quite a few brands of hot water kettles using 304 stainless steel, which can reduce the growth of scale and odor. In addition, the bottom of the base has added a hidden storage design, which is also a more humane side.

1800W fast boiling, intelligent and precise constant temperature

Use Shibo intelligent constant temperature electric kettle to boil a pot of 100°C hot water, the process only takes more than 1 minute, 1800W rapid boiling, to 100°C automatic power off, saving a lot of trouble.

In the process of boiling hot water, you can also see the real-time temperature change and the process of the temperature ring changing from white to red, which is also quite interesting.

Preparing milk powder, the most suitable temperature is 40~50 °C; For brewing honey sugar water, the most suitable temperature is 55 degrees Celsius; Different tea leaves have different requirements for water temperature, and traditional electric kettles cannot achieve precise temperature control.

Shibo intelligent constant temperature electric kettle can achieve 40~100 °C insulation adjustment, to meet the various hot water use scenarios of most families, and accurate temperature control is also very in place.

In addition, the Shibo intelligent thermostatic electric kettle also supports the memory function of carrying the pot. During our use, after lifting the kettle, within 20 minutes, the base will also remember the holding temperature we set, thus avoiding the tedious process of repeated temperature adjustment.

Intelligent experience, remote temperature control is faster

The temperature control option of the base is more convenient for older elders, and the boiling and holding temperature can be set directly. If you connect to the APP, you can experience more rich functions.

In the APP, you can see the current temperature, set the holding time, and enable settings such as boiling function and heat preservation function.

There is a function that can only be used through the APP, called “chlorine removal”. The chlorine removal scheme can be said to be a design that directly hits the pain point. It can effectively filter out peculiar smells and harmful substances in water, reduce the hardness of water, and be more conducive to water purification. In actual experience, the water drunk will indeed have less peculiar smell than the general hot water pot, and the chlorine removal function is recommended to be turned on.

In addition, the APP can also set the holding time, a specific holding time, which can not only meet our needs, but also achieve energy-saving energy efficiency.

At the end of the article

After using it, I concluded that it is not a “smart gimmick”, but really smart and efficient. In particular, the constant temperature part can maintain the temperature value set by the residence, which is more conducive to the family’s drinking habits.

From the point of view of the reference price, the pre-sale price is 199 yuan, in fact, it is not much more expensive than the traditional electric kettle, but it has a simple appearance design, fast boiling and heat preservation and constant temperature, as well as remote control and other designs, combined with the selling price, it is difficult to find a slot. In such a comprehensive performance, the existence of small flaws is already acceptable, what do you think?