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Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

How much do you know about these mysterious equipment?

Nursing is an indispensable part of clinical treatment, and nurses in different departments also have their own characteristic “weapons”, let’s take a look at the mysterious equipment of nurses in each department!

operating room

Scalpels, vascular forceps, needle holders, wire forceps, non-damaging tissue forceps

The operating room is a challenge for nurses. This line of vascular forceps, how many tools need to be used for an operation.


Weight gauge, neonatal respiratory balloon, wristband, thermometer, self-medicated tannic ointment, diaper, blood collection card, blood drawing needle

The obstetric nurses are extremely patient with each newborn, and every examination is meticulous.

Rescue room

Breathing bags, gloves, rescue kits, cotton pads, bandages, tape, masks

In the rescue room, it is a race against time, and the nurse’s work must be executed decisively, and one more second, the patient will have more life.

Cardiac surgery

Defibrillation electrodes, emergency cannula box, emergency bedside chest box, blood gas analyzer

Seeing the defibrillator is not associated with a blockbuster movie, but the work of cardiac surgery is not a blockbuster, and nurses remember their responsibilities every day.

Pediatric Internal Medicine

5.5 gauge needle, 6 gauge needle, 7 gauge needle, trocar needle, respiratory air bag

Pediatric nurses not only have pink nurse uniforms, but also respiratory air bags in small sizes. Facing children every day, they speak softly every moment.

Breast surgery

Responsible nurse manual, specialist nurse manual, grip ball, assist drawstring, negative pressure drainage bottle, drainage bag

The pink-based tool makes the female patients feel at ease.

Department of Burn Plastic Surgery

Transport ventilators, expansion kits, laryngoscopes, blood glucose meters

Transport ventilators are meant to keep patients safe during transport, and they guard the patient like angels.


Pressure pump, ultrasonic probe, endoscopic rinse cylinder flushing fluid, pathological test tube rack, specimen test tube, disposable gloves, biopsy forceps, emergency lithotripsy for ERCP, disposable bite, tissue filter paper, test oil, wall negative pressure suction device, hemostatic forceps, lidocaine slurry

The nurses in the Department of Gastroenterology are not only familiar with many tools, but also work together when treating patients.


Wooden barrels, photosensitive testers, sharp instrument boxes, immune reagents, skin biopsy kits, liquid nitrogen barrels, knife handle blades, seven-star needles, curved discs, topical ointments, gauze, blister needles

All kinds of needles, reagents, each of which we must be familiar with, in order to better calm the patient’s mood.

department of stomatology

Oral treatment discs, teether tips, resins, fast noses, slow noses, silver mercury conveyors, gingival separators, collars, bone biters, oral implant devices, maxillary sinus lift tools, bone extruders

Small teeth are extremely cumbersome in the treatment process. Therefore, the nurses of the dental department always keep smiling and heal the patient’s eager heart.

Stoma clinic

Scissors, ostomy bag, stoma powder, protective film, stoma ruler, belt, tweezers, hair dryer, mirror

Stoma patients will face a lot of life problems, and when they are discouraged, it is the affinity of the ostomy clinic nurses that gives them confidence.


Nurse study notes

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