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For women, warmth is always the most important point to pursue in autumn and winter, if you blindly expose your skin for fashion, it is not only nondescript, but also has a bad impact on the body, we really don’t need to use physical health to challenge fashion. Today, let me introduce you to this season’s popular “twist sweater”, to learn from the style of several fashion bloggers, not old, not tender, chic and high-end, this is the most beautiful look of women.

Twist sweater, as the name suggests, is because of the design pattern of twist in the sweater to get this name, is a very fashionable clothing item, wear it on the body will show a strong femininity, we can choose the favorite color and style according to our own preferences, like Miki’s sweater is based on beige, integrated with black and dark red, effectively enhance the overall sense of shape.

The design of the twist sweater is relatively strong, so we can wear it alone, if it is matched with a coat, it is best to wear it openly, so as not to bury its advantages, like the style of the blogger into different color collisions, which will visually play a thin role, and the inclusiveness of the body is stronger.

White twist sweater has clean, pure characteristics, will make people feel “bright”, so very suitable for women with a strong atmosphere to try, is a daily commute, work can wear the piece, looks very gentle, if you feel that pure white is too pale and cold, you can choose a warm white sweater, gentle and atmospheric.

For ordinary women, if you don’t have to go to the important occasions of meetings, you can use jeans to match, jeans should be the most casual and atmospheric item among many items, not only can inject a full sense of youthful movement, but also modify the leg line.

The short-necked twist sweater has a disadvantage, that is, it cannot take into account the warmth of the neck skin, in this case, I recommend that you learn from the Miki blogger’s matching method and wrap a scarf around your neck, which can protect your neck skin well, and will also play a very good concave shape for you.

However, you can’t wear a scarf on your body all the time, at this time, I recommend that you buy yourself a twisted sweater with a high neck cut, so that you can always take into account the warmth of your neck skin, even if you are indoors, taking off the jacket will not expose your skin to the air.

The white turtleneck twist sweater has a thick texture and can help you get through this autumn and winter with peace of mind, so how should we choose the right bottoms? My advice is to try the skirt, as long as you choose a vintage tweed texture, then its wind protection can be guaranteed, and the blessing of moderate integration of pleated elements will create a very rich layering, which is really feminine.

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Brown checked tweed skirt is quite retro-style temperament, after all, white belongs to the basic color, the strongest matchability, the waist effect of the skirt has always been good, combined with the long fit, can well cover the wearer’s leg line, which will play a role in modifying the shortcomings of the legs, and is very friendly to the thick legs and beautiful eyebrows.

If you feel that the white twist sweater looks too monotonous and has no sense of fashion, then you can also try some bright and colorful colors, such as big red, which is the most intense and warm color in the fashion industry, eye-catching, as long as you wear it, you will be like a fire, full of passionate beauty.

However, this sweater uses a low collar, so I recommend matching a white furry bib so that it can form a visual impact with red, and it will not look obtrusive with a basic black skirt, because black and white is the least error-prone color scheme.

In addition to red, haze blue is also a good choice, it is a light blue dotted with a little gray tone to form a color, particularly refreshing and advanced, very textured, almost who wears who looks good, so you can match a pair of black trousers, so that the upper body can become the visual focus and look more fashionable.

PS: If you feel that the weather is very cold, you can consider matching the undershirt under the twist sweater, which can play a good cold effect.

The biggest advantage of twist sweaters is that they are versatile and fashionable, no matter how you wear them, you can’t go wrong, it is recommended that you start two for yourself in front of the screen to change and find a more beautiful self.

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