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The Tang Dynasty, a dynasty in which women loved beauty extremely much, and at the same time, they loved beauty in a variety of ways, which shows how inclusive the society was at that time. One of the things that must be taken out is the shawl, which Chang’an women regard as life, and without the veil, there is no future. Therefore, we often see Tang Dynasty women in costume film and television dramas or in pictures and murals of ladies, wearing streamers on their shoulders, fluttering clothes, and beautiful as fairies.

The long ribbons on their bodies reflect their costumes, which are pleasing to the eye, looking restrained and elegant, very layered, and very fashionable.

The word “cloth” appeared in the Five Dynasties period, and Ma Wei in the Five Dynasties period recorded in the “Notes on the Ancient and Modern Times”: “(Cloth) There was no system in ancient times, and in the Kaiyuan Dynasty, the edict of the twenty-seventh woman and the royal daughter of Baolin, etc., ordinary banquets and attendants, so that the painting of the cloth is still the same.” ”

Before the term drapery, but this accessory has been widely used. Although it does not yet have a name, its beautiful appearance still conquered countless Tang Dynasty women.

Where does this fashion outfit come from? That’s a good question.

It’s not a designer’s whim out of thin air. Later, people found on the silver vases of the Sassanid dynasty of Persia that the women wore ribbons similar to Tang dynasty shawls. The Sassanid dynasty existed between 224 and 651 AD, which shows that this mantle was the origin of its introduction to Middle-earth.

In fact, this kind of mantle was combined with Buddhism during the transmission all the way to the east, and later became an important part of the costume of the Buddha statue. From the female patrons of the Northern Wei murals in Cave 288 of the Mogao Grottoes in Dunhuang and the female patrons of the Western Wei in Cave 285, you can see the existence of the Drake at that time.

At that time, with the Xiaowen Emperor’s visit to Luoyang, Buddhism in the Central Plains quickly developed, and the cloth was slowly spread. In the statue of the bodhisattva in the cave, the feeling of the shoulder drape attracts the girls. In the Sui and Tang Dynasties, Buddha worship became popular, and good men and women felt that Buddhist clothing was very good-looking, and used it as a model for dressing. That smart shawl has become a clothing that every beautiful woman wants to have.

The eclectic opening policy of the Tang Dynasty and the thriving national strength completely became folklorized. At that time, women were simply obsessed with shawls, and each had one hand.

At that time, the most fashionable skirts and shawls could be seen everywhere on the street. In the early Tang Dynasty, narrow sleeves and short pants with tight high-waisted long skirts and shawls were popular, and in the late Tang Dynasty, the most popular outfit was a collared shirt with a chest-length skirt, which was very Tang fashionable.

Tang Dynasty women went through a process from simple to complex, constantly enriching the wardrobe of the Tang Dynasty fashion hall. The woman’s demeanor is also expressed in the delicacy of the mantle. The colorful shawl can be said to have swept the entire Tang Dynasty, and even with today’s eyes, it still exudes charming charm.