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Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

Snack aesthetics, we are a souvenir of creativity and deliciousness

There are many delicious snacks, but there are very few delicious and creative snacks. Five snacks are prepared for snackers to enjoy both the visual and the palate. The appearance is so high, it can also be used as a souvenir~

1. L’├ęclat Royal Solar System Planet Chocolate in Osaka, Japan

The highest level of foodie is to eat the entire solar system! L’├ęclat Chocolate Shop at the Royal Hotel Rhiga Osaka offers chocolate sets themed around the 8 planets of the solar system, with flavors such as creamy lemon Venus, vanilla Jupiter, cappuccino Neptune, cocoa earth, mango, coconut mercury, milk tea urranus, rum wine chocolate Saturn, sweet orange nut kernel Mars. Not only eye-catching, but also delicious and authentic. Even if you don’t like sweets, you will definitely be conquered by it. However, the viewing period is only ten days.

2. Komistudio CD handmade chocolate gift box

It’s a whim about fruit and chocolate. Chocolate represents love, CD represents music, and together it is listening to my heart. It is both beautiful and delicious, please give me a dozen such literary gifts! But the shelf life is only 15 days~

3. Komistudio eyeshadow palette handmade chocolate

The perfect combination of eyeshadow elements and chocolate, this is a gift that girls can’t refuse. The chocolate is made of white chocolate, milk chocolate, caramel chocolate, orange peel, petrel and popcorn respectively, different flavors and textures collide with each other, while tasting sweetness, but also incorporating a hint of unexpected surprises. A veritable “The Best Chocolate in a Cosmetic Bag”

4. Black Mage Black and white gradient macarons

The black and white gradient macarons are inspired by the distant view of the mountains, which fade into subdued sophistication. Master Macaron combines Chinese ink painting, an artistic collision from East and West. Five flavors are at your disposal, it is recommended to enjoy it with black tea or coffee~

5. Gentle wind and rain Sakura Mizushin Genki

The pink girl’s heart was packaged and softened all of a sudden. The material is selected from the eight-fold cherry blossoms with the highest appearance and the most petals with the Q bomb of jelly, and the bite is delicate and fragrant, tender and delicate. Is it romantic to give your girlfriend a whole box of cherry blossoms?

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