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Male friends are experiencing an unprecedented “sperm crisis”:

The evaluation data of the World Health Organization in the past 10 years shows that compared with thirty or forty years ago, the sperm density of men in China has dropped sharply from an average of 100 million / ml ~ 40 million / ml.

In 2014, the average incidence of infertility in China has risen to 10%~15%, half of which is due to sperm problems.

Where do healthy sperm go? In addition to “spermicidal foods” such as tobacco and alcohol, sperm can also be destroyed by a pair of inappropriate underwear.

Today, the editor will help you recognize what “wounded” underwear looks like, and teach you to buy a healthy pair of underwear.

What kind of panties destroy sperm

One or two degrees lower in the scrotum than the abdominal cavity is the temperature that sperm “like”. Underwear, which is not conducive to heat dissipation, can affect sperm quality.

Tight panties

Tight underwear allows the scrotum to be tightly wrapped in a narrow space, which is not breathable and warm, which hinders spermatogenesis.

In 2012, scientists at the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom found that men who wore tight underwear had lower sperm concentrations than men who wore boxer panties (commonly known as boxer panties).


For men who have a fertility plan, boxer panties (boxers) are the first choice. Four-corner underwear can provide a relatively suitable temperature for the testicles, which can make sperm quality more guaranteed.

There are many types of boxer underwear, in addition to the appropriate size, it is recommended to choose a closure and length slightly below the crotch one or two inches.

Chemical fiber material

Good men’s underwear, the material must meet the standard in two points, one is good water absorption, the other is good breathability, otherwise it is easy to “cover” sperm problems.

In addition, the poor material of the underwear will increase friction, resulting in redness, tingling of the skin, and in severe cases, it may also aggravate “jock itch” (that is, a type of dermatitis in the groin).

Cotton underwear is the best choice for men, silk, lycra, nylon, chemical fiber (pure polyester) and other materials of underwear, should not appear in men’s wardrobes.

Combining the above two points,

Pregnant men are best to choose cotton-boxers.


Underwear must meet 4 standards

The skin of the private parts is very delicate, and a suitable pair of underwear must meet these standards to protect sperm without damaging the skin.


Size to be “tailor-made”

The testicles are an organ that is afraid of being squeezed, and if men feel that the testicles are dull and painful, the underwear is too tight may be one of the reasons. When buying underwear, you must pay attention to your body feelings and find the size that suits you.

Selection Tips:

Moderate easing does not mean that looser is better. When the panties are worn on the body, the position of the private parts is not wrinkled, and it is not completely close to the body, indicating that the size is relatively suitable.


The color should be lighter

Dark underwear, especially black underwear, uses many dyes and contains chemicals like a “hodgepodge” that may cause skin contact allergies.

It is recommended to buy light-colored panties and buy reputable brands. In addition, be sure to wash it before wearing it after buying it home to reduce the damage of chemical components to the skin.


Wash separately every day

Saving underwear for a few days and then washing will make the underwear a “bacterial nest”, and it is necessary to change and wash the underwear every day.

Cleaning recommendations:

Hand wash daily with water and a special underwear cleaner, and separate from other clothing to prevent cross-transmission of bacteria.

After washing, hang it in a cool place first, dry it and then transfer to the sun to sterilize, otherwise the cotton underwear is easy to harden.


Wear it for half a year and throw it away

Many people think that underwear is the same as clothes, you can wear it for a few years, some elderly people are more frugal, may wait for the underwear to wear rotten and deformed before throwing it. A pair of dirty underwear contains an average of 0.1 grams of feces, which includes bacteria such as E. coli and salmonella, and it is difficult to completely remove them during normal washing.

Replacement Recommendations:

The underwear is worn for half a year and thrown away, and a new one is purchased. If the underwear has faded, deformed, hardened, stains cannot be washed, etc., it should also be replaced in time.

At night, give the eggs a holiday

Taking off the panties properly is a healthy behavior, the scrotum is wrapped in panties all day during the day, and it can be given a vacation at night.

No underwear

When returning home at night, men can take off their underwear and change into looser cotton loungewear, which can ensure dry and comfortable skin.

Sleep naked

You can choose to sleep naked at night, and not wearing underwear can reduce sweating, will not cause a “warm and sweaty” environment to the scrotum, and is conducive to keeping the testicles dry and cool.


Selection Tips: