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I can calculate the trajectories of celestial bodies, but I can’t anticipate people’s madness.

– Newton

Wen/ Ba Jiu Ling


There was a change of cow at the gate of the Shanghai Stock Exchange

It stimulated the nerves of many investors

Everyone rushed to tell each other

“This new bull on the Shanghai Stock Exchange is up

Isn’t it going to be a bull market?”

“New Bull Instrument Yuxuanang

More imposing than Wall Street.”

The nerves of Chinese investors have always been fragile

For the stock market, which currently has more bears and fewer bulls

The appearance of this new cow

This has rekindled the hope of many investors


The stock market is “very low EQ” most of the time

The day after changing to a new cow

Although the Shanghai Composite Index ushered in a slight increase

But then came the ups and downs

Green market plucking cold heart

In fact

When the stock market is not good

The exchange also has a headache

In 2015

In the tertiary industry tax list in Shanghai

China Financial Futures Exchange and Shanghai Stock Exchange

With tax payments of $4,126 million and $3,728 million

Ranked fifth and sixth

By 2018

In the list of the top 100 tax payers in Shanghai

The Shanghai Stock Exchange is no longer visible

So the SSE replaced this new cow

It looks more like cheering yourself up

As one of the “most superstitious” people in China

Shareholders are interested in the grass and trees in front of the exchange

They were all quite nervous

Especially when the stock market is down

As the saying goes, “there are many right and wrong at the door of the exchange”

Take advantage of the weekend

Let’s switch to a lighter topic

Let’s take a plate of those cattle at the door of the world’s major exchanges


Frankfurt Stock Exchange

The most connotative cow – Benlhard

Shareholders are fanatical believers in cattle

Extremely disgusted with bears

But for the first time in history, a sculpture was placed in front of the exchange

But it was a pair of bulls and bears

Respectively, the bull “Benlhad” and the mother bear “Benlwald”

(The name minibus was pronounced several times)

This is where the stock market bull and bear theory originated

Compared with Chinese investors’ taboo about bears, let’s not talk about it

Foreign investors seem to be more ambitious

There is no fear of placing bear sculptures at the entrance of the exchange

For example, at the door of the Korea Securities and Futures Exchange

It’s a bull-bear fight

And also

Bulls and bears beat each other in front of the stock exchange in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

How does it look like the bear is a little more dominant?

Why swing bulls and bears?

Accounts vary

One explanation that minibuses most agree with is:

In ancient Roman legend

A revered god killed a bison

The flesh of bison transforms into vegetation that covers the earth

The spine turns into wheat

Vascularization into vines

Sperm turn into a variety of animals that are beneficial to people

The ox sacrificed itself but gave birth to all things

The cow thus represents strength, wealth and hope

And bears were also the object of worship of ancient Westerners

They believe that bears have powerful healing functions

Bears hibernate for 5 months every winter

During hibernation, bears can be awake at any time

It is even possible to conceive and have cubs

When spring comes, the bear returns to the ground

Thus the bear represents suppressing mania, See the opportunity to be reborn

This pair of bulls and bears at the gate of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange

It gives the meaning of falling and rising stock prices

Benlhard, with its horns on top, represents the upward trend of the stock market

Ben Wade, with bear’s paw down, said it was down

They faced off like this for more than 30 years

And really put the ethos of “putting a copper bull at the door”

Brought around the world

But it was a Wall Street copper bull


New York Stock Exchange

The worst cow in history – the Wall Street copper bull

Speaking up

Wall Street Copper Bull is the most famous cattle

But it is also the worst cattle

The first is that origin is not officially recognized

It comes from an Italian artist who wants to become famous overnight

Hand of Arturo di Modicca

That’s right, it’s the dude below

In 1987

Global stock markets

Led by the Dow Jones Industrial Average in New York

It began to plummet

It triggered panic in financial markets and the subsequent recession

Modica as a shareholder

This picks Wall Street, the heart of finance

Become his “place of crime”

Midnight on December 15, 1989

He secretly put his work that took two years –

A copper bull 3.4 meters high, 4.8 meters long and weighing 3.2 tons

Transported to the Christmas tree in front of the New York Stock Exchange

Early the next morning

The narrow and small streets were indeed surrounded by water

The New York City government was furious for this

Ask Modica to transport the copper bull away immediately

But the citizens loved this airborne behemoth

There is a strong appeal to stay this uninvited guest

So the Wall Street copper bull was left behind

Make your home in Bowling Green Park near the New York Stock Exchange

Nowadays there are a large number of tourists every day

There was a long line to touch it – eggs

Sorry, took it wrong

It’s this egg

Rumors circulate

The “cow egg” is where wealth germinates

Good luck if you touch it

So the investors who come to Wall Street

I will definitely come to touch the cow egg and ask for luck

Whether Wall Street copper bulls are good for the stock market is unknown

But definitely to the copper bull maker

Brought a steady stream of wealth

Financial centers and exchanges around the world

They all began to follow suit

A copper bull was set up at the door to pray for a long bull in the stock market

Then again

Now Wall Street copper bulls have become

It is as famous as the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building

A famous landmark in New York City

Often taken care of by artists

In 2010, artist Agata Olek

Dressed the copper bull in a large-flowered sweater

Marketing campaigns for the GoldToe brand

Copper Bull was put on white panties

Of course, the copper bull also carried a lot of pots for Wall Street

For example, on the poster for “Occupy Wall Street” in 2011

The bronze bull was trampled under the feet of a ballet dancer

In 2017

A statue was erected opposite the copper bull

A statue of the “Fearless Girl” supporting gender equality

this year

Copper bull is again being subjected to climate change protesters

Splashed with blue paint and “fake blood”


There are also men motivated by personal motives

Holding a hard object, smashing the right ear of the copper bull

Creates a crack several centimeters long

Wall Street copper bulls are becoming one

Where crowds and emotions converge

The New York City government is also starting to worry

This goes on

Whether it poses a security threat to citizens

Will it be the target of terrorist attacks

Therefore, it is considering “moving” Wall Street copper bulls

Finished talking about foreign cattle

Let’s talk about the cattle of our two major exchanges

First, let’s talk about the Shanghai Stock Exchange mentioned at the beginning


Shanghai Stock Exchange

The cow that moves the most often – the Oriental sacred cow

The jade bull that was replaced by the Shanghai Stock Exchange

In fact, I have already had the experience of being relocated once before

It also has a majestic title –

“Oriental Sacred Cow”

It is said to be a gift from a listed company to the exchange

Weighs up to 600 kg

It has been placed in the lobby on the first floor of the exchange

The person in charge of the Shanghai Huangpu Financial Center at the time said

Hopefully this cow can

“At a time of economic uncertainty

Chinese bring confidence and good fortune to the people”

However, the power of the sacred cow does not seem to be exerted

So the shareholders were dissatisfied

They think

The reason is that the position of the “Oriental sacred cow” is not correct

The “Oriental Sacred Cow” is located indoors

Above the cow is a treasure hood

Isn’t this exactly the Chinese character for “prison”?

Therefore, the Chinese stock market has only a trap and no bull market

It must be made out

See the blue sky like a Wall Street cow

Only then can China’s stock market break through and meet the bull market

In 2012

The SSE decided to comply with public opinion

Move the jade cow to the lawn outside the west gate of the Shanghai Stock Exchange

Next to it is a sculpture of a rising flame

It’s called “Red Fire”

Isn’t it more festive

And this relocation did bring good luck

The day after the jade bull moved out

The Shanghai Composite Index ushered in a sharp rise

It lasted until May 7

The increase is about 7.27%

There are lessons from the past

This year’s move by the Shanghai Stock Exchange to change cattle

It has undoubtedly brought hope to shareholders


Hey, don’t say it

Finally, let’s talk about the cattle of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange


Shenzhen Stock Exchange

The most “luxurious” cattle in history – pioneer cattle

Cattle placed in front of the former site of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange

It was given by Yunnan Copper when it was listed in 1998

The name is much more earthy than the SSE end

It’s called “Pioneer Cow.”

It is the symbol of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange

It is also a totem in the hearts of shareholders across the country

The Shenzhen Stock Exchange minted countless scaled-down versions

It is often given as a gift to listed companies

December 2016

The “Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect” was officially opened

At the gong-banging ceremony between Shenzhen and Hong Kong

The Shenzhen Stock Exchange presented this pioneer cow to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange

The Hong Kong Stock Exchange also presented a bronze bull back to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange

Arrived at the new site of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange

The cow sculpture in front of the door becomes magnificent

Designed by Professor Han Meilin of Tsinghua University

It is worth 90 million RMB

The main sculpture is located to the right of the main entrance

It is by far the tallest bronze sculpture in the world

It looks like this ↓

At the bottom is a large bull’s head

It is surrounded by two dragons and four phoenixes

In the middle is the traditional cultural element Taijitu

It means the unity of heaven and man

Grandeur is grandeur

But immediately there were sharp-eyed netizens who found out

This styling

Is it with this chair in the Wenhua Hall of the Forbidden City

Bump…… Bumped?

The picture on the left comes from Zhihu netizen @ludmo Qiu

That’s interesting

The minibus thought irresponsibly

What does the Wenhua Hall do?

In the Qing Dynasty, it was the place where the prayer feast was held

That is, the office where the civil and military officials and the emperor wrote their papers


The examination papers of the temple of the Ming and Qing dynasties were also held here

There is indeed a bit of exchange review

The sub-sculpture group located on the left side of the main entrance has a deeper meaning

It consists of three powerful bulls 11.5 meters tall

and 24 bears 1 meter tall

Three powerful bulls in the middle, heads held high and spirited

Twenty-four cubs are scattered around

Minibus guesses this design concept

Bull-bear checks and balances with the Frankfurt Stock Exchange

There are similarities

But investors don’t like these bears

Tourists who come here to take photos are required

“Touch the horns, step on the bears”

As for the bull-bear ratio

It also makes shareholders very concerned

Does it imply that there are more bears and fewer cows?

Is it represented

24 bear markets to have 3 bull market cycles?

You can never imagine what shareholders can do about it

In 2016

24 Shenzhen shareholders are on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange

A performance art was staged

They covered the bear cub with 24 model “cows”

A banner was also pulled out, “Bull, not bear.”

Red in front of you is not red

What kind of cow are you talking about

For the “stock market bull bear” statement

At first, it was just a metaphor

Later, it became associated with superstition


Or the primitive human response in the face of uncertainty


From totem worship in ancient times to the present

Nothing seems to have changed

But we all understand it

The only thing that allows us to face uncertainty

It’s still its own learning and trial and error exploration

The cow on the SSE with its head up and up

Maybe there are good wishes for a big rise

But it means more about us

It is necessary to look at the sky, broaden our horizons, and reward hard work

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