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The continuous cooling made me have to take out the winter items early, and I didn’t prepare many items for the winter this year, most of them are based on the basics, among which the most satisfying ones are coats and down jackets.

Wear it out in the weather and don’t feel out of place and can

Handle every occasion with ease

, can basically meet the needs of different body shapes and different environments.

When choosing a down jacket suitable for wearing out at the moment, try to choose a less exaggerated short design, and the three advantages of the short down jacket upper body are very much expected to be felt.

The first advantage is that it is very light, suitable for the current temperature to wear out of the down jacket is generally filled with about 150g, will not be particularly thin nor particularly expanded, with one

Black shark pants

Go out, just don’t look too thin.

The lightness of the short down jacket can not only be expressed by its filler, but also by its body color.

The most standard style is the blogger’s light color, light pink tone fresh and girly, without affecting the skin color, macaron color can arrange a wave, in addition, you can also change the style of the short down jacket to achieve

Stylish and light


The standard body that covers the butt still has some room to play in the shape design, such as the use of diamond indentation design, so that the overall body becomes thinner under the condition of ensuring warmth, and the visual effect is like a thick jacket instead of a fleece jacket.

Another example is the design of adding a waist or outer belt, so that the H-shaped body itself becomes a funnel-shaped design, which can also make people feel like you without a slender waist

The figure is flawless

The second advantage of short cotton clothing is that it is very versatile, in addition to being matched with the two trousers above, it can also be matched with this skirt on the little sister, even if there is no clear waistline, it will not make people feel dragged and bulky.

The loose silhouette of cotton is complemented by a slightly slim H-shaped skirt,

The effect of covering the flesh and showing thinness is a must

, the effect of showing femininity is also a must.

When choosing a skirt, you must pay attention to the width of the skirt of the skirt cannot exceed the width of the upper body cotton clothing, because

Loose up and tight down

The shape design can better show the silhouette of the body.

Although there is a limitation of this standard, it will definitely not feel like you can’t start, because in addition to pleated skirts, straight skirts, light fishtail skirts, high-waisted split skirts and even wrap skirts can be matched.

The third advantage of short cotton clothing is that it is a wide variety and variety, suitable for a wide range of people, it can be a hard and straight style of storm jacket fabric, or a soft style of short plush on the blogger.

It can be the design of laser fabric or patent leather fabric, it can be the design of the workwear body or the conventional lateral indentation design, no matter which of these,

Warmth effect

It’s all going to change.

After talking about the short cotton suit, let’s talk about it

Long coat

Go for it! It stands to reason that wearing a long coat when you go out in the current weather will not feel cold, but it takes extra effort to wear it in the season of crowding to make it personal and attractive.

This requirement needs to be met by changing the style of the coat, first of all, what everyone needs to do is to choose an extended version of the coat, the length of the body covering the calf belly is the most sassy and stylish.

Secondly, what everyone needs to do is to pay attention to the way to wear the coat, and the extended coat is difficult to leave even if it is worn without buttons

Dashing and flowing

From the perspective of heat preservation, the wearing method of the full buckle is the wisest, the upper narrow and the bottom wide body design, both princess fan and can show a good figure, simple and graceful.

But if it really comes to three or nine days, choose


It’s really not as powerful as an extended down jacket. When choosing a long down jacket, you do not need special changes, you can combine the color and matching of the short down jacket, or you can choose the wearing method of choosing a coat.

Under the circumstance of ensuring that the basic simplicity is not easy to become outdated, a down jacket of about 500 yuan is enough to wear for several years! Of course, if everyone chooses a higher price, the performance will be better.

I am a partner, if you are confused, you can message me privately, and welcome to leave a message to discuss! Learn to dress with the match, and we will become better and more beautiful people together!

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