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There are countless beautiful heels, but the most luxurious one is probably Rene Caovilla, whose rhinestone “lace” design heels are too flashy! Although the price is as shiny as its design, a full 1.01w, the shoes seem to really have a magic power that makes people itch, and the delicate shape and detailed rhinestone inlay make people can’t help but buy it.

Rene Caovilla’s shoes are honestly not restrained at all, and they are completely showing the luxurious beauty and sexiness to the fullest. When I first saw this shoe, I felt that it was a bit top-heavy, after all, such a long “strap” was also inlaid with so many rhinestones, it looked very heavy, and of course, there was a “precious” weight. Imagine walking on stage in such a pair of high heels, and the rhinestones sparkle when the lights hit, instantly putting you in the spotlight.

The heel of this pair of shoes is a block heel, so it is relatively stable, in addition to being too eye-catching, it is quite suitable for daily wear. Because the outward-facing fabric of the shoes is rhinestones, you can’t help but feel that it will grind your feet, in fact, the material under the rhinestones is silk cotton and soft fabric, and the comfort is quite high.

If you look at it from above, Rene Caovilla’s luxury may only show half of it, because when you look at its sides, you will see that the block heel is also surrounded by rhinestones. The point is that these rhinestones are not placed randomly, but neatly set in order, and each rhinestone is extremely similar in size.

The Rene Caovilla of the same series is actually more than this shape, it also has a flower shape and a heart shape, which is very close in design, but has its own advantages in details. Sister Honey personally prefers the shape of flowers, it looks very natural from the side, and it is not so much a pair of high heels as it is a handicraft. Another pair of love shapes are very suitable for wedding shoes, and the exquisite embellishments make the white shoes as lively as love, making every woman who loves beauty crazy about it.

Rene Caovilla’s shoes are half a size smaller in size, and it doesn’t matter if you choose high heels that are half a size smaller, after all, it is easy to fall off, and if it is small, it is just right. However, Rene Caovilla’s series is okay to wear for a short time because of more contact with the calf part, and the calf skin will be red after a long time. So the sisters can directly pick the right size when choosing this series of high heels.

In addition to those two special designs, Rene Caovilla’s shoes are also divided into two colors, one pair of pure silver white, the other pair slightly pink, usually more capable sisters can choose cool silver white style, slightly gentle wind can choose pink pair. In addition, this pair of “straps” shape is actually Rene Caovilla’s “snake surround” high-heeled sandals, which are perfect for summer wear, cool and good-looking, and the comfort is also OK, which can be said to be a must-have beauty item in summer.

The matching of this pair of shoes needs to be talked about separately, because the shoes are too eye-catching, the choice of bottoms is much looser, and Sister Honey herself wears a pair of jeans, which looks clean. But this is not the optimal solution, because the best match for these shoes is the aforementioned stage necessity: dresses! Imagine wearing a slim dress and such a pair of shiny heels, how can it not be heartwarming!

Of course, the dress is not very suitable for usual wear, if you usually go out and want to match this pair of shoes, then there is a better solution! That is the puff sleeve dress, which shows off cuteness and tenderness. I personally want to choose jeans for convenience, and it’s best to match them with skirts!

That’s all there is to talk about Rene Caovilla’s “lace” heels, if you have other favorite brands you want to know, remember to pay attention and tell Honey in the comment area below!