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In fact, when it comes to the wardrobe configuration of the bedroom, under normal circumstances, a cabinet is designed at the corner of the door. This does not take up too much space and can also meet the needs of daily use. However, as the check-in time increases, and there is no cloakroom at home, then relying only on this set of wardrobes in the master bedroom is obviously not enough.

Therefore, in this case, it is more and more common to equip the master bedroom with a double-sided wardrobe. That is, in addition to the set of cabinets in the corner, the audio-visual function will be abandoned, and a set of wardrobes will be configured at the TV wall. Perhaps this design will make people feel a little congested, but only after moving in, you will know how practical it is. Let’s share a set of such cases.

Original structure diagram

The coordinates of the new house are Xiamen, the area of the suite is 108 square meters, the living members are four, and there are two children, so in terms of space design, the owner pays special attention to the planning of storage space. Because as children grow up, the storage needs at each stage are very high, so I also hope that in the space design, we can make good use of each space and increase as much storage space as possible. At the same time, a certain activity area is reserved for two children to play.

Floor plan

Combined with the needs of the homeowner, the space layout is transformed as follows

1. After opening the kitchen, adopt an enclosure layout to improve the interactivity of the space.

2. The small room on the left side of the entrance door is used as a piano room and connected with the living room to achieve transparency.

3. Borrow the wall space of the sofa wall to plan a set of wardrobes for the main bedroom to improve the storage capacity.

4. The two small rooms on the north side are all laid out with tatami mats, making full use of each space.

Kitchen area

Because the kitchen wall is opened, the entrance door is the kitchen area, which not only improves the sense of space vision, but also allows the home to have sufficient lighting. A set of 2.7-meter-long bar designs on the side not only solve the storage needs of the house, but also have a hidden and exposed opening and closing design, and also have a display function. At the same time, the lighting configuration under the hanging cabinet next to the entrance door also makes people have a warm atmosphere when entering the door.

The dining table is flush with the bar and placed vertically, so that the entire kitchen is almost enclosed in a layout, which not only improves the use of space, but also brings families closer together. For example, when the child is active in the dining room or living room, the owner can see it at a glance even in the kitchen, which facilitates communication.

The cabinets are matched with gray and white, which is clean and neat; The table with a stone slab finish shows the texture and looks very tasteful. Of course, the existence of the dining table also extends a certain operating function for the kitchen, which is very convenient.

On the other side of the restaurant, a set of 4-meter-wide wine cabinets are designed, closed on both sides, and gray glass doors are made in the middle, which not only has a good display, but also facilitates the storage of sundries. However, considering that the cabinet on the left is located in the first viewing angle of the house, the door panel is made concave and convex, and the end viewing platform is made in the middle, so as to beautify the vision.

The living room looks at the kitchen area, the space is bright, the movement is reasonable, and it is very spacious, without a sense of crowding.

Living room

The sofa background wall is designed with cabinet and hard bag, which is practical under the premise of rich space. The choice of a zigzag sofa, with several sofa stools to configure, not only retains a certain activity space, but also facilitates the two children to play.

The TV background wall and the piano room are designed with a half-wall, which not only improves the permeability of the space, but also introduces lighting to the piano room. The wall decoration with marble and rainbow glass directly improves the space grade and facilitates the hygiene of life. At the same time, the floor below also has the function of a TV cabinet.

Piano room

Inserting the piano into the cabinet not only makes reasonable use of the space, but also makes the space look more neat and clean.

Master bedroom

The head of the master bedroom bed once again uses a hard bag material, which also reveals a strong texture in the case of rich space layers. The overall gray tone is predominant, which creates a quiet and elegant space atmosphere for the owner and couple, thus separating from the outside. The balcony outside extends a dressing area to solve the daily needs of the heroine.

The biggest highlight of the master bedroom is the double-sided wardrobe design. The wardrobe in the corner is dominated by gray finishes, which can be integrated with the bedside background wall; A set of built-in wardrobes on the TV wall is predominantly white, which highlights the simplicity and cleanliness. At the same time, in order to weaken the crowding brought by the two sets of wardrobes, the wall opposite the head of the bed is also designed with a concave and convex shape, which is very ingenious.

Daughter’s room

The daughter’s room is based on gray and white, creating a romantic and dreamy space atmosphere; The upholstery shape and lighting configuration at the head of the bed highlight the vitality of the space. In the space layout, in addition to the powerful storage function of the tatami itself, a double-sided wardrobe is also configured.

Son room

The boys’ room is dominated by classic blue and white tones, lively and soothing, and very suitable for children’s preferences. The storage function planning also makes full use of the space. For example, the wardrobe configuration on the sides and tatami, the bookshelf configuration above the study, and even the wall under the bookshelf are also decorated with hole boards.

Equipping the home with a large number of lockers may feel very crowded for those friends who like to leave off; But in fact, breaking away is not blindly giving up, but reasonable storage, so that the interior creates a simple and clean atmosphere. Therefore, it is recommended that everyone consider the storage design more when decorating, maybe wait until you move in, you will understand the practicality.

Source: Rock Space Design