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When buying a bag, many girls will have a thought, this bag is really beautiful, I really like it, but will I really use it when I buy it back?

Doesn’t seem to fit well? Seems heavy? It seems that there is no occasion to carry it?

Today, Laus Jun will take you to discuss this problem, what bag will really be used every day when bought home?

Sometimes I love to use a bag, and it is not necessarily how practical it can be loaded, or how fashionable this bag is, but I don’t know what the reason is, I usually carry it the most!

There are two favorite bags of Lausjun recently, one is a simple first-layer cowhide backpack, and the other is a small wideband square bag in a solid color!

Simple top-layer cowhide backpack

This cowhide backpack, Roussjun has recommended it many times, the biggest reason for using this bag is that every time you use this bag,

I don’t feel like I’m carrying a bag

, there is a sense of absence and a sense of ease after the upper body.

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Large, small, mini three styles, Rous Jun picked the mini model, mini bag looks small, but in fact everything can be loaded, including notebooks and water bottles, umbrellas, the capacity is amazing. Therefore, when Laus Jun needs to bring more items when he goes out, it is natural to want to use this backpack to pack.

Moreover, the design of the double shoulder strap can free your hands, and the body design is also very simple, the overall feeling of lightness, and it is very comfortable to carry.

Stitched contrast cube bag

In fact, it also belongs to the type that does not look big, but it is actually very capable of pretending to be,

Much bigger than a mini bag

, long wallets are no problem to put down.

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The shoulder straps can be adjusted in length, and Laus Jun especially likes the long shoulder straps cross-body, not tired at all, and girls who need to pay attention to the style, carry this kind of cross-body bag with long shoulder straps, will not mess up their hair!

You can also imitate the back of celebrity hipsters and shorten the shoulder straps.

In fact, Rolls Jun was attracted to this bag,

It can be used on one shoulder and in one hand, and it is a type that is beautiful in both ways

。 Four bases have been added to the bottom to increase the life of the bag.

Linger chain bag

Laus Jun recently discovered that if you don’t know what to carry, it’s better to bring a delicate diamond chain bag.

Simple chain packet,

It’s delicate and doesn’t look grand

, usually carry well and casually.

Although this bag looks small, it will fit unexpectedly! Because the bag has a certain thickness, passport, iPhone Plus, lipstick can be put down. And as a wallet, the bag has its own card slot.

There is also a zippered pocket on the front for loose change and bills, making it feel very safe and efficient on the back.

On formal occasions,

This bag can also be transformed into a handbag or dress bag

。 And it’s omnipotent after all! Definitely a choice you can’t go wrong.

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However, if you buy it for the first time, it is more recommended to have lychee peels, especially black or red, because they are really classic and durable and can last a lifetime!

And pebbled leather

It will be softer after using it over time

, the surface will also have a sense of oil, the more you use it, the better it looks.

Genuine leather tote bag

Friends and I said that I usually use small bags to work, because they are lighter and especially trouble-free, but when I go out to shop, especially when I travel, I will definitely use tote bags.

Not only practical but also very secure.

As the so-called bag is as its name suggests, it can hold books and bricks, and it can be held for any occasion such as class, commuting, shopping, and vacation.

Solid color tote bag

Always synonymous with classic atmosphere

, especially suitable for mature working women.

The dark tote bag is low-key and handsome, and it is very suitable for professional wear or casual look.

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I don’t know which bag you usually like to use? What other bags do you find particularly easy to use and would like to recommend to everyone? Which bag you like the most in this article, let me know in the comments below!

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(Copy the link directly and open Taobao on your phone.) )

(Copy the link directly and open Taobao on your phone.) )

(Copy the link directly and open Taobao on your phone.) )