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Many people dare not wear skirts, feel that they are too fat for fear of holding, in fact, others should wear skirts, because skirts can be more slim and thin, of course, the premise is to choose the right skirt, Sea Butterfly brought several styles for everyone today are all slim and thin, the leg-showing season is coming, friends, are you ready?

Slimming and slimming first model:

Korean version of mother-daughter parent-child denim dress, super slim and skinny and full of fashion!

Slimming and slimming second model:

Korean version temperament slim show slim long-sleeved simple dress, simple is not simple, fashionable and slim!

Slimming and slimming third model:

Doll collar long sleeve openwork lace shirt, slim and sexy and easy to match!

Slimming and slimming fourth model:

Korean version Mid-length lace dress, slim and temperamental, really beautiful!

Slimming and slimming fifth model:

Mid-length Mickey Snoopy shirt, slim and versatile!

Slimming and slimming sixth model:

Composite lace women’s suit, deep V-neck double-breasted small coat, mid-skirt skirt two-piece, slim and thin No. 1 Oh!

Sea butterflies, a well-known costume designer

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