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The weather is getting colder, there is no heating in the winter in the south, envy of the north has heating, we southerners stay at home in winter, it’s just like staying in the refrigerator, cold hands and feet, cold in the south, northerners can’t feel it, so there is no heating can only save themselves, prepare these 7 heating artifacts for the winter, and don’t have to rely on “shaking” in winter.

1. Duvet

In the winter without heating, duvets are indispensable, the family is using Raffil duvets, the quilt is very light and warm, unlike the heavy quilts before, pressed breathlessly, in the summer, blowing air conditioning, covered with duvets is also very comfortable.

Second, the plumbing blanket

I wonder if your feet will be cold when you sleep at night in winter? Have to be covered in the quilt, a long time to warm, so since the plumbing blanket, I know that the original owner of the electric blanket is so happy, Smith plumbing blanket hot water circulation constant temperature heating, not easy to dry on the fire, after use, greatly enhance the sense of happiness.

3. Heater fan

Dongling mini heater is easy to carry, put one on the desk when going to work, instantly solve the problem of cold hands, the codeword hand is no longer stiff, nested at home, casually put it around, are warm, sitting at home do not have to shake.

4. Thermos cup

Vacuum cup this needless to say, winter must-have, but the vacuum cup to choose the right, the thermos cup should be light, keep warm, in addition to pay attention to the cup mouth design of the thermos cup, buckle design is more convenient, this thermos thermos cup is only a hundred years old, double twelve is really cheap to fly!

Heat coasters

The water in the cup in winter cools quickly, want to drink hot water at any time, in addition to the thermos cup, there is also a heating artifact, that is, heating coasters, 3 levels of temperature adjustment, PTC fast heating, basically any kind of cup is suitable for use Oh, hin convenient!

Warm the baby

Warm baby is also my necessary artifact for winter, when cooling down, stick a piece of warm baby, can warm a day, a piece of warm baby is only a dollar more, close your eyes in.

Warm water bags

Warm water bags are also very comfortable to warm hands, when watching TV at home at night, I like to put my hands on the warm water bag, warm, the stupid rabbit plush filling water on the little red book, I like it at a glance, too cute.

If you are also in the south, remember to be kind to yourself, don’t be cold, stock up on heating artifacts!