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There used to be a debate in “Strange Words” was

【Should I use my credit card to buy a bag?】 】

The debate of just ten words is the same chopping as the drama! Hand! Party! The torture of our souls

After reading it, I think Hua Xi said the best, when you like a person to brush up “sense of security”, “brush up self-esteem” may not be of much use ~ BUT, swipe the card can really get one


It doesn’t get much more secure than this!

It is said that how did girls “cure all diseases” come about?

Buy a bag when you’re happy

Geometric progression

Rise! When you are unhappy, you should buy a bag, and it will be cloudy and sunny immediately. If there’s a problem that the package doesn’t solve, buy two! Put on the newly bought bag, immediately up the aura, walk with the wind ~

However, for most girls, “buying bags” and “eating soil” are only a line apart. There are so many good-looking big-name bags that are spicy, but I… Can’t afford a single one (fairy tears)

So the drama was painful, and I flipped through the whole network to find this

10 beautiful and inexpensive small crowd bag brands,

One-click collection, Mabels come and eat this wave of Amway~

✦the volon✦

NO.1 introduces Korean designer brands

The Volon

, its name comes from the French philosopher Rousseau’s concept of “Le volonte de tous” of the common will. It has become the hottest street photo Bag at this year’s fashion week~ The highest appearance rate is its home

Colorful tassel bag


Small box bag

, fashion to fly ~

The volon is loved by fashion bloggers, and you can find the traces of The volon by casually brushing Instagram to look at street photos, all kinds of things


‘s bags are unique in street photography.

Small square box bags are very much


, contrasting fashionable, full of joyful atmosphere; Solid color atmosphere, practicality max,

Vintage simplicity goes well with it

Colorful tassel bags are almost a piece for fashionistas, and they are worn in retro

Playful and cute!

A small one can add a lot of points to the look.

Recommended items:

The Volon leather velvet clutch $909

The Volon leather clutch $703

Purchase channel: net-a-porter

✦danse lente✦

For those who like a sense of luxury, Danse Lente is a high-quality bag brand from London that focuses on simple line design. Looking at the official poster, it feels bigger! The brand name is in French

“Slow Dance”

Meaning, this feature is also well reflected in its bags, simple styles, clear lines, and a strong sense of design.

This brand is quite sullen, the simple design is full of vitality, very suitable for our young mushroom cold duck~ The color matching is bold, fashionable and elegant, all over your wardrobe, bring it”

Sense of premium

White bags stand out in the deep autumn and winter clothing, and this strong contrast makes the look even more distinctive.

Kan Qingzi

The airport street shot captured its figure, and the little black bag matched her body very well. This year’s popular red pear-colored item Pony has also been put on~

Danse Lente leather mini tote bag $561

Danse Lente two-tone textured-leather tote $581


Intellectually elegant and fashionable ladies, except for Michael Kors and Kate Spade, suggested notebooks to add to this


。 “Italian” women’s bag brand, slightly more expensive, but equally full. In addition to highlighting professional femininity, it is also full of unique fashion attitude, intellectual and elegant companionship!

Bright and highly saturated colors, breaking the dullness of autumn and winter, the freshness of the face, especially suitable for wearing black, white and gray in winter, accessories should not be spicy and low-key, bright is more outstanding!

Zhou Dongyu


The socks and bags echo each other, and the “heart” is full of girly feeling, which is really good to match. A pair of shorts with a mid-heeled heel, short people must have a few more pairs, don’t wear too well.

Coccinelle contrasting paneled buckskin bag ¥3500

Coccinelle pebbled cowhide tote ¥2600

Purchase channel: Coccinelle Tmall official flagship store

✦les petits joueurs✦

The brand is also from Italy, and it turns out to be a good thing to cultivate


It’s still quite useful. The LEGO bricks on the bag were played out by the designer! Since childhood, I have loved playing with blocks

mariasole cecchi,

One day, I suddenly wanted to use the spelled pattern directly on the bag, so that the bag was full of childlike fun at once.

“Love” is to be boldly recited out, Lego spelled Love letter bag

Full of vitality and girliness

, walking on the street is very eye-catching~

Vivid print pattern bag, velvet bag shaped like a money bag, very interesting,

The retro feeling is also lively and playful with a little girl


Without a piece made of silk, you might have to shout. The brand is very in-design the bag material


, and the collage pattern is not at all inconsistent.

Velvet pouch mini bag $835

Mini gold piping tote $1055

Purchase channel:

✦rebecca minkoff✦

The American designer brand of the same name on the other side of the ocean, its bags are highly respected by the new generation of Hollywood stars, almost one in everyone’s hand. Design style

Simple yet dynamic

, very suitable for girls who are just starting their careers.

The one-shoulder chain bag is small in size

Easy to match

Even if the autumn and winter clothes are worn heavier, they will not look bloated.

Rebecca Minkoff Stella Long Pack $328

Rebecca Minkoff Jean medium shoulder bag $298

Purchase channel:


If you like minimalist style, Mabelco must pay attention to this local American brand, which takes inspiration from home architecture and uses clean lines to show the style of bags

Generous and minimalist

。 The bags are all handmade, and the shape is very strong.”

Nordic cold wind”

There is no decoration, even if it is a combination of stone, wood, canvas and other very common materials, it is also full of “high-end feeling”.

Because it is a minimalist design, the color is not much, basically black and white gray and some high-grade gray, which can be roughly divided into

Light colors

Dark colors

Two. Light colors are softer and can neutralize the dullness of dark outfits.

The dark color with the angular silhouette of the bag further emphasizes the high-end temperament.

Prices are pending

Purchase channel:

✦Building block✦

The accessories brand was founded by a pair of Chinese designer sisters from Los Angeles, both of whom design products

The perfect combination of industrial and chic

。 Building block’s bags are also clean and pure minimalist, but they are much milder than chiyome in shape and color, and will not be so cold and distant.

The shape of the cylinder is one of the characteristics of its home bag, used

Morandi color

Let the simple style also have a sense of fashion.

The shape of the square and pocket is also good-looking.

Building Block Single Shoulder Cross-Length Small Square Bag ¥3500

Building block small wooden ball player bag ¥3700

Purchase channel: Taobao daigou


Pinko is a one from Italy, designed for

Young women

A clothing brand created. However, in the past two years, the popularity of bags has surpassed clothing, making it already have its own place in the fashion industry. The biggest recognizability of Pinko’s bag is it

Swallow logo

, the image is clear, and the image of the double flying bird is also represented

Freedom, love and strength

Pinko’s bags have solid colors and different patterns, solid colors are easy to match, and the décor can be the finishing touch in the outfit, but it is a bit of a test of matching skills~

Solid color rivet Asuka swallow bag ¥3100

Fringed Bird Pack ¥3625

Purchase channel: Pinko Tmall official flagship store

✦salar milano✦

If there is any brand of bag that can best reflect

Girly heart

, then it is definitely Salar Milano. This niche brand from Italy is very good at using

Pentagram, tassels, rivets, pearls

These elements, the color matching is very young, very suitable for girls who take the pure and cute route ~

The Olivia series is a boxy angular bag shape, biased

Light ripeness

Salar Milano leather round bag €447

Salar Milano Stud Square Bag €494

Purchase channel:


Ferragamo is from


of the local brand, Ferragamo’s bags are biased

Elegant and retro

, very atmospheric, especially suitable for workplace OL, but the price is a little more expensive than others.

Concubine Ying in “The Legend of Ruyi”

Zhang Jianing

It is also its brain-dead fan, and the bag on the back perfectly demonstrates the sweet airport outfit.

Studio handbag ¥11950

Classic clamshell bag ¥13950

Purchase channel:

A good life needs us to embrace with a sense of ritual, so hurry up and get a crowdbag to improve your qualifications

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Recommended items:

Purchase channel: net-a-porter

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