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#How to stick the wallpaper in the living room to look tall#

Choose the texture of the wallpaper

Any thing, can be tall, first of all, it must be different, has its own unique temperament, others are out of reach. Therefore, when choosing wallpaper, the first choice is to pay attention to its own texture, which brings you a unique feeling, and even a little lingering, and you can’t put it down.

Texture is an all-round embodiment of wallpaper color, material workmanship, and decorative effect, so from the feeling it gives you at first glance, you can basically judge whether this wallpaper is your favorite. If so, look carefully, if not directly PASS, never linger.

Choose a good wallpaper for the touch

What can make you look must be what you like, the touch is the second sense after the texture, the touch of a good wallpaper will not be bad, touch there is a sense of intimacy, soft and comfortable, is the second tone that pulls your heartstrings. When you have a special love to touch, or reluctant to touch, afraid of getting dirty, this wallpaper can take a closer look. Because although the wallpaper is attached to the wall, it cannot avoid contact with the human body, the touch is jerky, rough and uncomfortable wallpaper, it is by no means a good wallpaper, even if the appearance is beautiful.

Wallpaper with poor touch is usually not made of good materials, usually some fiber chemicals, ordinary materials made.

Make a good match for wallpaper

Choosing wallpaper is similar to choosing clothes, wallpaper is the clothes that our indoor space decorates, whether it fits, whether it looks good or not, only the upper body can know. However, when choosing wallpaper, we rarely see the effect of going on the wall. This time is the test of our imagination, if the imagination is poor, the feeling is poor, you can use the rendering, ask the designer to make. Of course, the merchant has done construction, and it is better to look at the real model room.

There are many colors, patterns, and patterns of wallpaper, so before purchasing, we must first determine the decoration style and furniture style of our home before we can choose the right wallpaper. Before choosing a wallpaper, you must first determine the color, pattern, and texture that the wall wallpaper needs to choose, and then go to the wallpaper store to choose.

Wallpaper is to set off the furniture and create a space decoration atmosphere, so it needs to match the ground, wall, curtains, window covers, furniture and other decorations to produce the effect. The effect of the wallpaper itself is the focus of the space, but not the visual center, so it usually cannot be overwhelmed. Wallpaper is to make the interior space furniture, decoration to the next level. Just like the outer packaging of the product.

The color of the wallpaper usually does not choose bright colors such as red and green, choose simple, soft, and furniture, space decoration coordination, harmony and beauty, generally choose furniture color similar color coordination is better.