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I believe that most of the friends who like Japanese makeup have seen the following face, right?

She is the famous “universal makeup face” – Rika Mori, the “humanoid grass planter” whose skin is still transparent and fair like a newborn child after marrying and having children with boys outside the circle. Almost every time she appears in makeup, the girls go crazy, “what shade of lipstick”, “which type of blush is used”, “whose eyeshadow is it”…

This Japanese model born in 1988, with a quarter of American ancestry, joined “CANDy” in 2000 to start her modeling career, has been in the madou industry for 21 years, how popular she is, it is not an exaggeration to say that as long as it is a beauty section, almost all of her faces, once selected by a Japanese magazine in 2013 for makeup of the year, in the No.1 of 12 issues of the magazine, Erika Mori accounted for 11 alone.

Although neon is a country that admires young madou, 33-year-old Rika Mori is still active in the front line of Japanese beauty magazines, especially the new issue of “Beauty” magazine, VoCE January 22 issue and “MAQUIA” January 2022 issue, she herself has opened the face brushing mode, bringing the latest Japanese beauty trends to her friends.

From her makeup, we can also spy that the current “Japanese makeup” is no longer to emphasize the layering of eye makeup, but to use monochrome eyeshadow to blend out the layer, although there is no superposition of various colors, it seems to be less deep, but the advantage of monochrome eyeshadow is that if the blending is appropriate, it can appear clear in the state of the eyes, visually giving people a feeling of reducing age and showing tenderness, and the whole person looks at least 5 years younger.

And this beauty trend has also spread to our internal entertainment, Xu Lu shot a group of blockbusters for “Number Nine Modern”, the eye makeup part only chose a monochromatic matte color, but the eyelashes, eyeliner part of the processing is very fine, the pursuit of a high-grade and natural beauty, the overall makeup is really too coordinated, the beauty of Xu Lu, softly displayed.

Similarly, Bai Lu, whose popularity has soared recently, her recent eye makeup is mostly monochrome eyeshadow, and the eye shadow color is mostly selected from clear earth tones, with a very existential eyeliner and eyelashes, plus the blush color transition is natural, the whole person looks moderately feminine and delicate, and there is also a cute side of the little girl.

See, the makeup of this monochrome eyeshadow is actually no worse than the effect of a variety of eyeshadows, and because it only uses a monochrome, it is also friendly to novice Xiaobai, how to create the same “daily miscellaneous makeup” of Sene Rika, the blogger has refined the focus to everyone!

Point 1: Eyebrows

Although the previous mentioned eye makeup, eyebrows are also important if you want to look visually tender. Looking at Mori Rika’s current makeup, you can see that although her eyebrows and eyebrows are prominent but relatively rounded, the overall eyebrow length is short, no more than the eyes and cheekbones. Eyebrow peak protrusion can increase the three-dimensional nature of the face, but too prominent will be fierce, so the rounded line and short eyebrows at the same time will also look more age-reducing and playful.

Point 2: Elongated drooping eyes

The second important point is eye makeup, this monochromatic eyeshadow makeup is very suitable for handicapped parties. Start with a little chocolate eyeshadow as the first layer of upper and lower eyelids, then apply eyeshadow to the eye and sockets to deepen and blend to complete the general eye makeup.

However, Mori E’s eye makeup has a very special focus, that is, the “sagging feeling” at the end of the eyes, using the eye shadow just now to draw a diagonal downward ㄑ character at the end of the lower eye, and using a blending brush to slightly blend the border, so that the sagging feeling at the end of the eyes can strengthen the gentle and seductive style.

Point 3: Sagging blush

Blush should also not be ignored in this makeup, but Mori Rika’s blush is more special in that it is located on both sides of the nose under the eyes, and the blush in this position will increase the sense of visual innocence and reduce the aggression brought by the eyebrows. Start with a light-colored blush, then use a darker tonal blush, dot the center of the blush, and finally swipe over the tip of the nose to give the blush a more natural look.

Point 4: Lip peak

When Erika Mori paints lip makeup, she will specially highlight the lip peak, but outline the lip peak more rounded, which will make the lips have a rich pouty lip effect that makes people want to kiss, which brings a sense of age reduction at once, and the whole person looks gentle and sweet.

Well, without further ado, Jimei hurry up and learn!