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The NIO ES6 with a full battery range of 410 kilometers will be delivered in June 2019, and the winter of 2019 will be the first winter to test the majority of car owners.

Looking at Weibo two days ago, a well-known NIO ES8 owner, Mr. Tie Gen, wrote the article “NIO ES8 Owner’s Safe Winter Guide”, and several suggestions can be seen from the heart, roughly as follows:

1. Plan your trip before going out, if it is too far (more than 45 kilometers one way), choose to take a bus, subway or taxi.

2. For trips that are too close, please also take subway buses or taxis, because starting ES8 in winter has a lot of electricity for warm batteries and warm air.

3. There are charging piles at the starting point and the end point, and you can consider driving within 100 kilometers.

4. Purchase warm equipment in the car, such as gloves, cotton pants, cotton shoes, etc., you can not open the warm air, ES8 can last up to 150 kilometers.

5. Try not to open the window or door when driving ES8, because the power consumption is too fast.

Mr. Tegen’s suggestion is really tailor-made for the sake of NIO owners, and it takes little effort but is practical. At the end of the article, Mr. Tie Gen synthesized two netizens @ Chen Zhen and @韩路的经验 to summarize the last suggestion, because the second-hand NIO ES8 is 100,000 more expensive than the new car, it is recommended that the owner sell the ES8 for the Fit, make friends and make money, and leave hundreds of thousands for financial management.

Mr. Tie Gen’s writing is humorous, I really think the writing is good after reading it, then the newly listed NIO ES6, the owner needs to refer to the above suggestions for the winter, don’t rush to conclusions, let’s compare the two cars, we take the NIO ES82018 benchmark version and NIO ES62019 410 km endurance benchmark version parameter configuration as an example, the connected project is hidden:

1. Basic parameters

We see that the ES6 base version starts at 358,000, 90,000 less than the ES8; the maximum power ES6 base version is 320kw, 160kw less than the ES8; and the maximum torque ES6 base version is 610N.m, 230N.m less than the ES8. The acceleration to 100 km/h is nearly 1.3 seconds slower than that of the ES8. The conclusion is that the basic parameters lag behind ES8 across the board.

2. Body and motor parameters

In this part, we see that the ES6 body length is smaller than the ES8, but the width and height of the car exceed the ES8, and the wheelbase is smaller than the ES8. Curb weight, ES6 has not been officially given, but according to the official description, NIO ES6 adopts the only aluminum alloy in its class, carbon fiber composite structure body design, the body aluminum content of 91%…, we have reason to believe that the weight of the car should be lower than ES8 or equivalent. Under the premise of low total power, the cruising range is increased by 55 kilometers to 410 kilometers compared to the ES8, and the highlight should come from the motor type. According to the official description, ES6 is the world’s first SUV equipped with both permanent magnet synchronous motor and asynchronous induction motor, this power combination takes into account performance and endurance, compared to the AC/asynchronous motor equipped with ES8, which should be a major reason for the ES6 endurance improvement. At the same time, we must also see that in the ES6 base version, a permanent magnet/synchronous motor combination is used.

3. Auxiliary/control configuration level

We can see that there is not much difference in this part. According to the official description, the increase in the cruising range of the ES6 also comes from the drag coefficient of 0.28 and excellent weight reduction (we understand it as curb weight). Then the conclusion is that ES6 is equipped with both permanent magnet synchronous motor and asynchronous induction motor, which is a key factor in increasing battery life.

As for the exterior and interior of the NIO ES6, I think that compared with the ES8, it has been a family inheritance, and I don’t like it as always.

The article writes this, we return to the question discussed in the title, can ES6 solve the problems of the existing ES8 proposed by netizen Tiegen, my conclusion is that it cannot. But I don’t recommend buying a fit, after all, electric vehicles are a general trend, big cities to buy cars on the license plate to lottery, in order to solve the daily urban transportation problem, how to buy one, tens of thousands of budget, such as Zotye Cloud 100 plus.

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