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Little secret quote: 32-year-old Ma Sichun is also too tender! Wearing sweatshirt slacks and tying balls, the whole person is super temperamental.

There are many female stars in the entertainment industry whose figure is a fan, Ma Sichun is a typical representative, her fat and thin seems to be just playing, today was captured to the unicorn arm, tomorrow may lose 90 pounds, often because of the figure problem and on the hot search, can be said to be a very down-to-earth actress, recently she lost weight to a new height, in the shooting of a set of photos, wearing a sweatshirt with wide-leg pants, the whole person is super temperamental.

The loose sweatshirt is simply the first choice for girls with a large skeleton, and Ma Sichun’s turtleneck sweatshirt can not only cover the figure, but also enhance the overall sense of fashion, which can be said to kill two birds with one stone.

Matching wide-leg pants is a very conscious decision, visually making the figure look more slender and tall, and also covering up its own small shortcomings, simply matching a pair of black canvas shoes, directly incarnating into a fashion trend.

The overall look is very dynamic, so I chose the versatile ball head shape, which is more playful and youthful, and the blue cross-body bag has become a highlight in the matching.

The changes in Ma Sichun’s figure are obvious to all of us, so we must believe that the purpose of losing weight can be achieved through exercise and fitness, and the following brings you a few simple asanas, which is definitely the gospel of lazy people, don’t miss it!

1. Scorpion-style deformation

Regarding this type of movement can help us promote blood circulation inside the body, there may be no feeling at that time, and long-term exercise has a good effect on the body.

Asana points: Hold your arms tightly with the top of your head, tense your body, run your legs, tighten your instep, adjust your breathing rate, and hold on for one minute.

2. Wheeled

I believe that this action does not need me to say more, everyone must also have some understanding, she can be regarded as an Internet celebrity asana in yoga asanas, almost everyone will exercise, you can learn it.

Asana points: The legs are naturally relaxed, the whole body is tilted back, hold your breath during the process, support the ground with your limbs, adjust the front and back positions, and stroke your head with your arms.

3. St. Mary’s style

This movement is very simple, does not need to have much skill, if the ligaments are not soft enough, you can first exercise from this type of asana, so that the ligaments can be initially stretched.

Asana points: one leg is bent and fixed to the ground, the other leg is stretched in the air, at the same time the thigh muscles are forced, relax beyond the top of the head, the arm holds the ankle bone, and the other is placed in front of the body.

4. Warrior-style deformation

This movement also seems to be able to understand, mainly to stretch the inner thigh ligaments, almost every girl needs this type of movement to help them help shape themselves, be sure to collect.

Asana points: one leg is bent, squatting on the ground, the other leg is stretched on the side, the upper body is as straight as possible, and the two arms are bent in front of the chest to fit firmly, and legs can be exchanged.

5. Eight-curved style

This movement is mainly to test the strength of our arms, of course, it is a very difficult movement for novices, so it is only suitable for yogis.

Asana points: Bend your arms to support your weight, open your legs naturally in the air, twist your neck directly, and stick your cheeks to the ground.

6. Divine monkey deformation

This movement combines arm and leg training with each other, and is an all-round sports asan, which is very suitable for friends who maintain their figure.

Asana points: Arms straight, attached to the sides of the head, spine straight, legs in the air, reach the limit of the body.

Today’s yoga asanas are recommended to everyone here, the movements are not too difficult, as long as you train carefully, everyone can easily complete it.