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When we go out to spend, we generally choose mobile payment, so we don’t carry too much cash on us, and the wallet becomes a dispensable thing. However, sometimes we also need to use some cards such as bank cards, credit cards, merchant membership cards, etc., so it is necessary to carry a card bag at all times.

Using card packs to hold various cards makes it easier for us to pull out the kind of cards we want to use at any time, so that the cards are not scattered in the bag and reduce the risk of loss. A high-quality card holder, the materials selected must be of the highest quality, while ensuring practicality, but also bring visual beauty, and bring its own temperament the moment we take out and use it.

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Hanatora Hanatora Japanese brand card bag ultra-thin men’s women’s leather lightweight small wallet luxury multi-card slot business card holder friends gift exchange Men’s ultra-thin card bag [purple]



As a good item for us, some friends have to take it out every day, and they also need to take it out of their pockets from time to time to show it, so we can’t choose too casually. Hanatora’s thin card bag for men, made from grained cowhide, has soft leather and natural texture, and is crafted by artisans to create a stylish and practical piece.

At the same time, this card pack also has a variety of color appearance, can be selected according to user preferences, fully meet the needs of different user tastes, whether you are a sweet and lovely little sister, or a little brother who takes the high and cold route, you can find your own suitable style. Carrying such a card bag when you go out, whether it is a gathering of friends or shopping, will make you the center of attention.

HANATORA is a powerful Japanese brand that has risen in recent years, its boutique luggage products are very creative in design, using traditional skills and fashion design as the main axis, and are very particular about the materials, just to achieve a unique boutique bag. This men’s thin card bag is made from high-altitude Tibetan yak leather from China, and the finest first-layer cowhide is treated with grain to preserve the skin’s intact state and texture. This leather has good breathability and brightness, and has a natural waxy surface feel, so it will not look old for a long time.

Many international first-line card bags are also grained leather, which can be said to be the preferred choice of classic card bags, and it is dirt-resistant and wear-resistant in daily use, and the texture is light. This HANATORA card bag, it can meet the storage of bank card size cards, the card slot in the middle of the card bag can store a lot of cards, stretching and taking cards is very convenient. There are also 2 card slots on the outside of the card holder, which can be used to store frequently used cards or small amounts of cash. The soft retro color matching, combined with the design of multi-layer card slots, makes the card holder both fashionable and practical, and has become a good life item that more people love to use all year round.

Conclusion: Although our lives are becoming more and more convenient, we still need to pay attention to some details in life, and reasonable storage can deal with some matters in life and work more calmly. The Hanatora Flower Tiger thin card pack, whether it is bought for your own use or for gifts, is very suitable, and the atmospheric and simple materials and design allow us to enjoy a high-quality life.