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Recently, the circle of friends of real estate people can be said to be very lively, here”

Competitive quality

Existing home sales

“Still in the fryer,”

The second round of centralized land auctions has been cancelled and the bidding policy will be adjusted again

“Another wave. Plans never keep up with change!

But no matter how the policy changes,

set store by

Product quality, service quality, build quality power

, has become an urgent lesson for housing enterprises.

Quality Jun recently visited

Poly, Greentown, CCCC

The quality benchmarking construction site of the three real estate enterprises,

Its dryness

Clean and tidy look, interspersed construction, new process construction methods, construction site black technology


Here, we specially compile the article and study and benchmark with you.


Safety civilization standardization

The construction site is clean and tidy like home

All three sites were used

Aluminum mold system

, in terms of safe and civilized construction, humanistic care is amazing.


Guomao Luyuan is jointly built by CCCC and Guomao, located in Xiamen, the total construction area of the project is 188196㎡, using frame shear wall structure, the construction process adopts aluminum mold-climbing frame system, hardcover delivery.

The office area is like a garden, which looks particularly beautiful and comfortable:

The container-type temporary office area is more stable than the ordinary color steel plate room and has a better anti-typhoon effect:

Humanized worker rest place, fully implement employee care:

All construction passages are stereotyped to protect the entire process from site entrance to entry into the building:

Set up a large number of safety warning slogans and safety warning videos in the safety channel to continuously strengthen the safety awareness of workers:

At the same time, relevant safety warnings are also set up at the entrance and exit of the elevator and in the floor:

The distribution box strictly implements the relevant regulations for safe power use, and standardizes the external protection of the electric box to the setting of safe power components in the box:

In the model display area, 6 standardized templates such as steel bars, wood mold construction, stairs, roofing, kitchen and bathroom, and well electric well samples are set up, and detailed text introductions such as operation procedures, construction process points, acceptance standards and so on are posted in the corresponding positions of the samples, so that the technical disclosure becomes more intuitive and easy to understand.


Jieyang Poly Daduhui is the first city-level coordinate complex built by Poly in eastern Guangdong. As

The few provincial-level safety and civilization demonstration sites in Jieyang City have completed provincial inspection and national-level research work with excellence.

In order to ensure that the quality and safety of national projects are maintained at a high standard of uniformity, Poly Development was established

Unique third-party evaluation system

, entrusting a third-party unit to carry out the whole life cycle of all projects

Special evaluation of basement, special evaluation of exhibition area, evaluation of civil engineering process, evaluation of fine decoration process, delivery evaluation, evaluation of large lifting equipment

This penetrating management makes each project strictly follow the group’s assessment requirements, implement various standards, and show the local area a good image of safety and civilization.


Interspersed construction + new process construction method

Improve efficiency while ensuring quality


Kunming Cheng Garden

Fully interspersed construction:

By optimizing the construction organization and site layout, interspersed with landscape and basement construction, avoiding rush to work and ensuring delivery results:

Interior interspersed model

As shown in the picture:

The content of the work on each layer is different, for example, when


In doing

Structural construction


N-4 layers

In the process of exterior wall putty, brick transportation, water supply and drainage pipe installation, window frame installation, flue centralized installation:

N-14 floor

In doing putty sanding, brick laying and door installation:

The project was also interspersed. In the main structure stage, exterior wall coating, doors and windows, railings, masonry, fine decoration and other operations are interspersed in advance to achieve flow construction:

At present, the exterior wall of the project is fully interspersed, and the interior decoration is under construction to deliver the model layer:

The interspersed construction is inseparable from the support of new process construction methods.

The Poly project applied

Poly develops aluminum mold five-piece set

– including

All cast-in-place exterior wall, aluminum mold, climbing frame, high-precision masonry, thin plastering five major processes.

1. The fully cast-in-place exterior wall realizes structural self-waterproofing, which can greatly reduce the leakage rate;

The exterior wall of the traditional craftsmanship part is made of masonry, and the masonry roof brick area and the window side are areas with high leakage. After using the fully cast-in-place exterior wall, according to the project’s test, the leakage rate of the exterior wall for 48 hours of continuous water exposure was very low:

2. The use of aluminum formwork improves the dimensional accuracy of the structure on the one hand, provides conditions for the exterior wall to be wipe-free, and reduces the risk of empty drum falling in the later stage of exterior wall plastering; On the other hand, the template can be reused, saving energy and reducing emissions. About 40% of the project’s aluminum formwork is reused, not brand new plates.

3. The use of climbing frame instead of traditional scaffolding, on the one hand, to create conditions for the interspersion of exterior walls and outdoor projects, improve the efficiency of project operation, fine decoration and outdoor projects can be inserted more than 3 months in advance;

4. High-precision masonry and thin plastering reduce the thickness of plastering to 5-8mm, and reduce the empty drum rate by more than 50%, which not only improves the safe and civilized image of on-site operation, saves energy and reduces emissions, but also greatly reduces the risk of cracking of empty drums in the later stage and ensures product quality.

At present, Poly Development has achieved 100% of the newly opened projects using aluminum mold five-piece sets.

In addition to the aluminum mold five-piece set, the project also applied a lot

Micro-innovative processes

For example, the concrete wall hydropower point is pre-embedded in place at one time. The hydropower points on the concrete wall, from the aluminum mold deepening and fully considered, the civil construction drawings are nested in hardcover drawings to ensure that they are accurately embedded in place at one time, avoiding late grooving, injury to structural safety and increasing the amount of work.

The openings of the exterior wall doors and windows are provided with grooves, and this “small height difference” formed on the inside and outside of the exterior doors and windows further reduces the hidden danger of leakage.

Finished water-stop section: solve the problem of traditional reserved pipe holes, and the hidden danger of leakage left by the root plugging after the installation of the riser. During the construction of the main structure of the building, the drainage riser waterstop section is pre-embedded, and then the riser is directly tightened with the waterstop joint lining when the riser is installed, reducing the risk of leakage between the pipe root and the coagulation:

The main structure of the project also adopts aluminum mold + climbing frame construction system.

The aluminum mold adopts pull tab + screw reinforcement system;

The beams and floor roof are installed as a whole:

Part of the exterior masonry was optimized during the aluminum mold design stage and realized

All-concrete façade structure

Some secondary structures at the door openings of the indoor rooms have also been optimized, using the form of lower hanging beams, and the main structure is poured at one time.

The hydropower pipeline adopts the form of embedded and grooved, and is formed at one time with the main body.

The embedded wire box adopts the fixed form of short steel bar and main steel bar welding, so that the embedded deviation of the wire box is small and the accuracy is high.

During the installation of the aluminum mold, the aluminum alloy sub-frame is fixed on the aluminum plate and the concrete is poured and formed at one time.

Masonry adopted

Fly ash sintered porous bricks


Autoclaved aerated concrete blocks

The combined form.

Fly ash sintered perforated bricks are used in watery spaces such as kitchens, bathrooms and exterior corridors:

The waterless space is built with autoclaved aerated concrete blocks:

Set up a “U” beam at the position of the electric box hole to avoid damaging the beam during the grooving process of the pipeline and affecting the overall quality of the masonry:


In terms of canopy ceiling, the ceiling restaurant adopts light steel keel combined with wooden keel (fireproof paint three times) skeleton plus a layer of flame retardant version and a layer of gypsum board surface, L-shaped cantilever lamp slot arrangement light strip and downlight, and the periphery is edged with bronze brushed stainless steel lines:

The corner of the light steel keel of the ceiling ceiling is provided with iron sheet knot to prevent cracking, the back side is partially reinforced with a flame retardant version with a length of not less than 200mm, the docking of the ceiling side plate ≥ 200 is connected by dovetail mortise, and the corner of the gypsum board is required to be made into an L-shaped shape to prevent cracking:

In terms of leakage prevention, all kitchen and bathroom rooms and balcony waterproof parts are inspected with the requirement of three times of closed water, namely: structural water closure, water closure after the completion of waterproof layer construction, and repeated inspection after the completion of the overall construction to ensure that leakage prevention is foolproof:

The waterproof of the kitchen and bathroom requires the wall rigid flexible waterproofing, the base layer is required to be cleaned in place before waterproof construction, the wall root is made R angle, the wall pipe and the wall yin and yang angle, the floor drain to do local waterproof strengthening treatment, the bathroom threshold stone to make the reverse bump protruding door hole 200mm, the shower room water barrier sills using water-stop steel plate (into the structural wall 1cm):


Digital black technology

Truly control quality

Digital management has become standard in quality projects.

Like what


BIM technology

Carry out basement pipe complex optimization and establishment

Three-dimensional field cloth

Guide on-site fine management:


Greentown China Engineering Quality Inspection Intelligent Platform

Carry out refined project management, project progress, quality, safety, etc., the management can see at a glance through the large screen. (

Poke this to experience the same project quality inspection artifact in Greentown

was built

“Zhushan Cloud” engineering quality inspection management platform


On-site inspection, visa change, process acceptance, process handover, actual measurement

When the data and management behavior leaves traces in the APP, the relevant personnel can directly see it through the APP or computer, which not only improves efficiency, but also ensures the authenticity of the data. Subsequent data analysis can be viewed or exported in the background, which is very convenient. (

Poke this experience Poly the same engineering quality inspection artifact

Among them, in terms of process acceptance, the system is divided into five stages of basement, main masonry, decoration and decoration, mechanical and electrical installation, and landscape engineering in the installation and construction cycle.

in order to

Acceptance of wall column reinforcement formwork in the main masonry construction stage

for example. First of all, after the on-site wall column steel bar construction is completed and the self-inspection is qualified, the constructor notifies the supervision engineer to come to the site for acceptance; After the supervisor arrives at the scene, use the APP to photograph the representative acceptance parts, enter the acceptance results, and then send a copy to the owner.

Using the APP process acceptance, on the one hand, let the management know the latest situation of the project in real time; On the other hand, massive acceptance data can be stored in the cloud, data can be traced, and the previous process acceptance data can still be queried in a targeted manner until delivery.

The project also uses the Mingyuan engineering quality inspection system, and the main structure adopts overall online control.

Pre-event control

That is, the construction of steel bars before concrete pouring, the size of the aluminum mold structure, the reinforcement details, the vertical flatness of the aluminum mold, the ceiling is extremely poor, etc., which are initiated and approved by the construction unit through the Mingyuan Engineering Quality Inspection APP, the supervision unit conducts full acceptance, and the construction unit conducts partial acceptance;

Control in the matter

That is, by monitoring the vertical flatness of the aluminum mold and the extreme difference of the roof plate during the concrete pouring process in real time, if there are unqualified points, the reinforcement treatment is carried out in time to ensure the quality of the concrete after forming;

Post-event control

That is, initiate the review meeting approval system on the Mingyuan Engineering Quality Inspection APP, find out the unqualified points, analyze the causes of the problem, and formulate corresponding improvement and strengthening measures;

According to the introduction, the project’s

Concrete structure



The qualified rate of measured actual quantity has reached more than 95%.