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Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

Probably because the urban rhythm is too fast, we are all used to the simplest law of black and white

This time, I rarely prepared a pair of shorts for such a summer

Don’t play well during the dating period!!

Hin summer plaid shorts

The previous plaid trousers have received many high-quality reviews from babies

This time is no exception

Cool from head to toe, it also has its own kawaii temperament of anime girls

It really is first love blue at first glance

An indisputable and harmless pure appearance

With a sense of evolution of fairy qi, it is greeted with cleanliness and purity

Blue and white classic

It is also commonly used in many designs

For example, some school uniforms, sailor uniforms

Even if the saturation is slightly different, But the style and attributes are still refreshing

In addition, its yarn-dyed fabric itself is very light and breathable

In this color selection, I especially want to have a low saturation

This way it doesn’t look too blue and exaggerated

It will also add a certain degree of durability

It’s not like cowboys, how to build and toss will not help

It’s still a fabric that needs to be treated with delicateness

Hand washing will protect it the most

For the modification of the waist and abdomen, it still has something to say

The A-line high-waisted fit is thin and leg length

I think this point is still very strong and powerful

Behind the waist sits an elastic design

It’s convenient for you to eat too much, open the buttons, and breathe a sigh of relief, hahahahaha

With a simple white T, it is very beautiful

Because the lattice itself is not simple

So don’t complicate tops

Try to avoid a wide variety of decors, pure colors are the most suitable


The girl fell into a generous look

Boys will love it

《Material Analysis」

Yarn-dyed fabric, light and cool

“Little details”