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In 2014, I turned to a post in the forum “”Preliminary Compilation” Found in Shanghai to Reveal the Source of Shanghai School Weaving” (released by collector Dong Shuimiao), this is the first time I heard of “Preliminary Compilation”, and at the end of 2020, I also searched for a copy. Recently, I have been a little tired of touching the needle, but I have come to touch the keyboard, and I have posted a post that I wanted to post last year – introducing some antique knitting books. In addition to this one, there are also books by three masters, Bao Guofang, Feng Qiuping, and Huang Peiying, which will be introduced in the future.

I also saw various weaving stories on the forum, many weavers liked it since childhood, polished with chopsticks without tools, and secretly learned without being taught, and me? For weaving, I didn’t have a preference at first, I just liked handwork, and weaving was just one of handmade. The feeling of “the deeper the thread in the knitting world” is that after coming to the knitting life, I have been deliberately watching, knitting, and feeling for many years, and gradually, I am not only impressed by the infinite changes of needlework and thread, but also found that there are so many interesting things in the knitting world…

Year after year, although there is not much weaving, it breeds a curiosity, and looking at antique knitting books is one of the curiosities. Collectors look at history, and about weaving itself, what was the content of knitting books nearly a hundred years ago? What is the difference between the stitching or expression and the present, etc., these can obviously only be seen with the eyes of the weaver.

(Fragmented 2) What is seen in some ancient or second-hand books

Each line has its own way, the second-hand book or collector’s book market is not understood, and then think about what you saw in this book hunt. First of all, although it is a book from the Republic of China, the price is low compared to some other more collectible books, and then the copy is more expensive than the original…

It seems that there are very few electronic versions of old books on the Internet, I don’t know if they are not allowed, or there are industry rules, in short, after a few looks, don’t break this rule, or let people exploit loopholes, the content of the original book will selectively send a few pages for everyone to enjoy

Books during the Republic of China should be collectible, and the high price can be understood, but I was surprised by the high price of old or second-hand woven books (see the figure below). In the past, I only felt that the knitting books that had been going on for a long time had depreciated, just like the life books in the stalls, but before the forum had weavers looking for books, and when they went to help search, they were stunned to find that the books that had just been released were sold at such a high price. Estonian this one feels that it is higher and understandable (of course, it is too high, it is still a little unacceptable for the time being), and the next one does not understand. In short, to add a new concept, good books do not wait for people, and today’s woven books should rarely be reprinted, right? It’s easy to go out of print without reprinting, so if you like a book, start as soon as possible.

This post is shared in two parts:

1. Excerpts from the original book for everyone to enjoy

Why there are only excerpts and not the whole book, see the above fragments

2. Write down some discoveries or feelings from reading books

The book has not been read carefully, first open a post, there are records later, and then update it one after another, if you are interested, welcome to collect and pay attention

【Book Title】

“Preliminary Compilation”

【Publication Date】

Thirteen Years of the Republic of China (1924)


Released in 1924, “Preliminary Compilation of Things” was three years earlier than the birth of “Hengyuanxiang”, when Master Feng Qiuping was only 13 years old…


2020/12/18, Taoshu on Confucius Used Books Network, 50 yuan + 8 yuan courier fee

▼Cover, back cover

(Cover of “Preliminary Compilation”)

Patons & Baldwins (LTD)

BB (or abbreviation for Beehive/Hive, Baldwins/Baldwins)

1785 (founding year of the Bode Factory)

Published by Helifax, UK (UK/England, Halifax/Halifax/Old Translation)

(The empty part in the middle of the cover is missing a picture, the full version effect is seen in Mr. Dong’s post, I am to see the content, whether the cover is all I don’t care)

(Back cover of “Preliminary Compilation”) Advertising pattern and text of “Hive Brand” velvet

The material is pure and unparalleled in the world

Manufactured well-known worldwide

It is the most popular velvet thread in the world

It is sold in all ports of China

▼Size, number of pages

【Size】18.5cm×25cm, slightly less than 16 open magazines

【Number of pages】The content is 48 pages (including 6 pages of preface, 28 pages of stick needle foundation, 14 pages of crochet foundation)

(Old books with aging paper, thin paper, several old books received this time, the packaging is first placed in a plastic bag, and then sandwiched in the middle of cardboard)

▼Copyright page

(Issue time) August of the thirteenth year of the Republic of China

(Price) Each volume is priced at two and a half cents of the ocean

(Editor & Publisher) Herifabold Transport Factory, UK

(Printing House) British Reading East-West Printing Company

(Bode Yun Factory’s office address in Shanghai) Shanghai Beijing Road Bund Yitai Room 500 and 9

▼Table of Contents

▼Inner page


◆ Crochet needle picking

◆ Stick needle needle up

◆Basic stick needle pattern

1. Feel and taste

“1924”, touching a book nearly a hundred years ago for the first time, smelling the smell of old books, feeling fresh, is to sigh that the paper used in the book is still quite elegant, relatively thick, and shiny. To borrow Mr. Dong’s article, “The size of the manual is 18.5 cm × 25 cm, which is slightly less than 16 open magazines. The cover is gray cardboard, and the white Dowling paper on the inside is yellowed due to age.”

What is “Dowling Paper”? Baidu introduction: “offset paper, a relatively high-grade printing paper, formerly known as “Dowling paper”, mainly used by lithographic (offset printing) printing machines or other printing machines to print more advanced color prints”.

2. History


(Note: The following picture is on another book, not knitting, just written in this first reading record) When I first turned the book, I noticed these imprints that penetrated to the reverse side, and thought of “printing” for the first time, except that the printing technology was different from modern times a hundred years ago, so I thought of seeing some old materials before, why some particularly old books abroad, symbol illustrations like hand-drawn? Why is it that the relatively old knitting books in China have few symbol illustrations, even if the birth age of woven symbols is not considered, it is said that printing technology should not be supported.


Some historical traces can be seen in vertical typography and traditional characters, and when I read it carefully, I see some on the “punctuation” today.

I have seen some introductions before, and ancient texts are not punctuated, as shown below:

So when were punctuation marks? Baidu introduced “On February 2, 1920, the Ministry of Education of the Beiyang Government issued Instruction No. 53 – “General Order to Use New Punctuation Marks”, and China’s first set of legal new punctuation marks was born. The use of punctuation has played a big role in the promotion and use of vernacular in China.”

【(Preface) Observation or Perception Record】

1. Some unknown traditional characters 賛 = like

2. What is false ivory?

Baidu Encyclopedia: Fake ivory, also refers to celluloid plastic, because of its pure white appearance, resembling ivory and named, its earliest use is to replace ivory as an ornament.

Baidu Encyclopedia: celluloid / celluloid, refers to the old brand name used in plastic plastic, is the earliest commercial production of synthetic plastic, is nitrocotton plus camphor in the improvement of its plasticity of the formation of the substance, colorless, transparent, can be used to make film films and imitation tortoiseshell, ivory, etc.

3. Reading is a bit difficult – -||

Although it is a traditional character, it seems to “understand” at a glance, but when I read it carefully, I realized that when this woven book was published, the vernacular language was not yet popular, so the content and sentences were many classical Chinese, which looked quite difficult…

• end •

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