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Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

#Black Coffee#

#What does black coffee do#

The first month is about to pass, everyone has been working for a while, I don’t know if everyone is tired from work, but I am not very tired, hahaha.

Ask me why I’m not tired, because there is a secret weapon – black coffee.

Drink a cup of coffee every day after breakfast, you will be full of energy all day at work, and black coffee is a healthy drink. Coffee is still the favorite Sumida River black coffee, rich in caramel, fruity, delicate acidity, clear taste, if you feel bitter, you can also put ice cubes, the taste is even better!

The benefits of black coffee are many, it can be antioxidant, anti-aging, anti-cancer effect, promote cardiovascular circulation, prevent heart disease.

Drinking coffee at different times will have different effects

Drinking coffee after breakfast can remove drowsiness, diuresis, reduce edema, and have bowel movements.

30-60 minutes after lunch helps digest hoarded food and prevents fat accumulation.

Drink coffee 30 minutes before exercise, the concentration of fatty acids in the blood will increase to the highest, and the exercise effect will be doubled at this time!

But be careful, don’t be greedy! A glass of 150-200 ml is enough, drink too much is easy to palpitations, and some is not to drink coffee within 6 hours before going to bed, easy to insomnia.

Since falling in love with coffee, the milk tea used to be really goodbye.