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Autumn and winter are coming, and the face always feels dry, so pay attention to the steps of long-term moisturizing and hydration in skin care. In this case, we need to use skin care products to hydrate and moisturize.

Xiaobian recommends the WIS extreme moisturizing set, so that you can enjoy the moisture.

WIS Extreme Set

WIS extreme moisturizing set is a WIS R & D team of skin experts for users to customize the development of products, WIS R & D team constantly adjust the formula ratio, WIS extreme moisturizing set uses ingredients can effectively solve the user’s skin pain points, moisturize the user’s skin, bring a better experience.

There are 4 products in the WIS Extreme Moisturizing Set, namely Extreme Moisturizing Cleanser, Extreme Moisturizing Toner, Extreme Moisturizing Lotion and Extreme Moisturizer, let’s find out why the WIS Extreme Moisturizing Set is so hydrating and moisturizing?

The special ingredients of WIS Extreme Moisturizing Cleanser are glycerin and lauric acid, which has a moisturizing effect, and lauric acid can control oil and purify the skin. When using it, it is gentle and non-irritating, and the cleaning power is also super strong, and the face feels clean and will not feel tight after washing.

The WIS Toner features hydrolyzed collagen, which not only improves skin moisture supply, replenishes cellular nutrients, and soothes the skin. It also tightens skin elasticity, promotes metabolism and inhibits wrinkles. Strengthens keratin function and gives skin its own moisturizing power.

WIS Extreme Moisturizing Set

The WIS Ultra Toner is particularly refreshing and contains witch hazel and tea extracts to balance water and oil and secondary cleanse. The lotion contains squalane and hyaluronic acid, which can improve roughness and nourish and moisturize. And after using it for a while, I feel that the skin has turned white a little, and it is quite moist. When the basics of cleansing and hydration are done, the skin will get better.

With a creamy texture, the main ingredients of WIS Extreme Moisturizer are Cactus Stem Extract and Tremella Fungus Extract, which hydrate and keep skin delicate and supple for a long time. The cream of WIS extreme moisturizing cream is delicate and silky, easy to push on, and will feel moisturized on the face, which is particularly comfortable, and the β-glucan added inside can completely wrap the nutrients in the water milk to the skin.

Let your skin drink water, 80% of the human face is water and 20% is oil. When you are short of water, your face will become oily, or dry. Especially outdoor dust, greasy, and eating can cause various acne on the face and various skin diseases, so let’s try it

WIS Extreme Moisturizing Set to hydrate and moisturize the skin


Extreme moisturizing set

Make your water move, and the skin is no longer a thing!

WIS Extreme Moisturizing Set

WIS Extreme Moisturizing Set