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[Fishing parameters]

Fishing Date: August 16, 2015 9:12-16:22, 7 hours and 10 minutes.

Weather conditions: overcast and heavy rain, temperature 26~~29 degrees, relative humidity 70-90%, southeast wind 2-5, air pressure 999 Pa.

Fishing spot name: Huluwei, Zhongshan Park, Zhuhai

Water quality at fishing spots: Good

Number of participants: 007 Senior brothers and sisters, Hu Sheng and his friend Chen Zong.

Combat Fishing Rod: 5m 4 hand pole Taiwan Spring Wind Carp, 4 meter 5 hand pole.

Line group configuration: No. 4 main line, 1.0PE sub-line, 1.5 glue sub-wire.

Hook number: 6-11 hooks

Float call: Langcai No. 3 nano buoy, other hand pole buoys

Fishing depth: about 100-130 cm

Nest material matching: Xincheng No. 1 granule

Bait for fishing: field grass carp + floating water pellet powder + field crucian carp + Pengba red foundation nest + fermented dry powder bait + flour. Charges: 100 yuan/day, 60 yuan for half a day.


[Shooting parameters]

Shooting weather: Overcast to rainstorm

Shooting tool: Samsung A5009 Pixel 8.0FHD

Recently, the car tossed and turned for the three repair shop masters, and I was very troubled, just when Mr. Hulu’s friend wanted to go to Huluwei to fish for grass carp, so the three of us went to Huluwei together to see if we could catch the strong brackish water grass carp here!

The process of fishing is shared with you as follows:

Our bait recipe, considering that brackish water fish have different foraging habits than pure freshwater fish, so we prepared a fishy version of blue crucian carp, and at the same time, prepare the Pengba fermented fragrant bait just bought from the Internet to try

Preparations are in progress.

Essay prizes fish protection!

I decided to choose the western location for fishing, because some people say that this position is the throne! View on the left

View opposite

View on the right

Right corner

Fishing positions

First of all, try it with Peng Ba’s fermented dry powder + field blue crucian carp, try the traditional suspension fishing group, and bring a single bait to adjust three fishing three, according to Master Fang Ru, this method is more sensitive. I’m worried that the fish here are too light to see, so let’s try it a little and see how it works?

At 10:00, the bait is finished! Officially start the war!。。。。。 However, until lunchtime arrived, I still couldn’t see a bite, what happened? There was no way, so I had to go with everyone to eat the delicious food cooked by the boss himself, so I bought some dishes and asked the boss to help cook and eat, hehe…

At lunch, I heard a few anglers say that you can’t fish for spirits here, and they also said that the number one master in Zhuhai is also a turtle here! You have to adjust a little and fish a little. I see! Got it! At 14:03, after lunch, we continued to fight… No one thought that it would be unfavorable to go out in the afternoon! The abominable crab actually cut off the No. 4 main line directly! How sad!

There is no way, so I had to change the main line. This time, the fishing group was changed to a double lead running fishing group, which is what they call a fishing tun!

At 14:23, the buoy of the big one is a black mark, immediately lifted the rod, hit the fish!

Ha,,,,,, nice big curved bow!



The big curved bow of the bull!

It’s finally here! What fish? So powerful, I almost pulled Li into the water!

Big bend bow!

Awesome! The Chinese dream of anglers!

It turned out to be a grass carp with more than three pounds! Pretty, right?

Brackish water fish are different from freshwater fish!

Mr. Chen helped take photos

Ha,,,, it turns out that 007 took fish like this?

Why did you only find out now?

Give the mermaid a laugh!

The black clothes on the right are Hu Sheng, and the white clothes are Mr. Chen (he said that he didn’t fish, he only helped take photos, and this time it was all up to him to help take photos, otherwise, there would be no big curved bow below for everyone to see, this is a later story)

At 15:18, the storm is coming!

We had to fight in the wind and rain!

More than a dozen other anglers are also insisting on fighting!

Ha,,,,,, really admire the fighting spirit of our fishermen!

Mr. Chen wore a small umbrella with a headband that he bought online, and lay under Li’s big umbrella with him, and Hu Sheng had an umbrella of his own

At 15:46, after nearly 30 minutes of the storm, it finally stopped! He reopened the bait, this time it was Hu Sheng who took it, he said to try, fast fishing grass + field grass + mad road grass, then try it

After the rain, the weather turned hot again

How strange!

It just rained, why is the weather still muggy and hot?

There is no wind, no waves, and naturally there is no fish mouth! Today, a yellow-clothed angler opposite has more than a dozen mullet and standing fish in a row, and the angler on the right has three mullet and grass carp, in addition, the other 10 anglers have not harvested for the time being…

Hu Sheng said that he wanted to say hello to everyone… YES! He was depressed and ran three grass carp in a row, one of which was run by cutting off 1.5 strands.

Mr. Chen is playing with his mobile phone!

I also blurted out three grass carp during this period! Finally, at 16:18, I was caught in the fish again!

Look at the buoys in the water, you are in the bowfish, don’t dare to shoot the bow!

Huh,,,, be careful, right? After all, the fish shockwave here is too strong!

This is a photo of the bow bent that Mr. Chen helped Li take (Note: The photo was taken by him with his mobile phone, and it was only transmitted to Li on the 20th, so the date of the photo shows today, please forgive me)

What do you think? Photos taken with the help of others, the big curved bow is different, right?


More charming!


It’s cuter too!

More contagious!


Conquering the big grass carp here has always been the dream of Yu 007!

How many times did the Air Force join the army here!

Just copy the fish yourself!

Or a three-pound grass carp!

But the shock wave is super strong!

Actually, he also cut off the 1 of Li. 0PE strand?

Bull! It can be seen that with the double lead run fishing group of the Fishing House brothers,

The weight of two fish is 3. 41KG, excluding half a kilogram of the bucket, the net weight is about 6 kilograms

Hehe, rest assured, a small bucket can still put 40 pounds of tilapia!

In the evening, eat with a few brothers and sisters!

This is today’s main course: Sichuan-style boiled fish! Fragrant! Hot! Hemp! Delicious color and smell!

Another green tea cake!

Let us all come together and look forward to a better tomorrow!


1. Gourd fishing ground, is a brackish water fishing ground, the sea tide is high tide and low tide, there will be water in and out.

2. The first and second enclosures are connected by ditches, and fish can freely enter and exit the two enclosures.

3. The main fish species here: mullet, sea bream, sea bass, grass carp, silver carp, blue carp are only a few, and there are more than ten pounds of guys.

4. The fish in this fishing ground have a super strong shock wave, which is not comparable to ordinary fish.

5. The fish here are very light, but they are not suitable for sensitive fishing. On the contrary, you need to use fishing to catch fish. You may not believe this, in any case, believe it or not! Anyway, I believe it! This is the experience of anglers!


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