Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

Room area: 130 square meters;

Decoration budget: 70,000;

The most appeared in the home is three colors, white, wood, blue, the overall style is relatively simple and bright, plus also made a curved TV wall, the overall style is mixed with modern style, I hope friends can like it.

8 crystal chandeliers in the living room, the lighting is very soft.

In the living room, the deer head wall decoration on the background wall of the sofa is very attractive.

The lake-blue vase is very fresh, and the storage capacity of the sofa chest of drawers is also very good.

The round coffee table in the living room, and there is also a partition on the sofa background wall, which can put a lot of ornaments.

Stainless steel armchair in the living room.

The living room, the arc-shaped TV background wall is very beautiful, the bay window storage cabinet can hold a lot of things, and the living room is spacious overall.

The TV background wall is decorated with mosaics, and with such a design, there is no need to buy a separate TV cabinet.

The entrance to change the shoe stool and store the shoe cabinet, the meter box, the wall lamp can be seen clearly.

There are super cute little pendants hanging from the meter box.

There is also the owner’s favorite piano in the corner of the living room, and the lace piano cover is very idyllic.

The living room looks to the dining room, and the downlight looks better than the normal spotlight.

Beautiful lake blue vase, wrought iron and glass perfectly blended together.

The restaurant is stylish, warm and stylish.

Picture frame wall in the restaurant.

The wall clock blends together with the picture frame wall, which is wonderful.

Red linen in the master bedroom, very festive color.

The master bedroom is full of childlike striped wallpaper, fresh and elegant.


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