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Speaking of prophets, there are really many who have emerged in the past two years, such as the recent explosion of American prophets Judy. Hailivan has made many predictions about this year, and in addition to her, as of the end of April, there are many prophets around the world who have made predictions about the future.

  Even some prophets have now made dozens of prophecies, such as the Indian prodigy Anand, Datuk Teh Bojian and so on! So today we will take an inventory, today’s 6 famous prophets in the world, the prediction of 2022, let’s see if it is credible.

  This first is Simpson prophecy, Simpson it is not a personal name, but the name of an anime, very famous in the United States, he has played more than 700 episodes since its inception in 1989, won many awards, but if this is just an anime, then he is also an entertainment work.

  But miraculously, Simpson actually succeeded in many predictions, such as the 911 incident, the God particle formula, the epidemic, and so on! And for 2022, he also made his own prediction, let’s take a look.

  In his prediction, the world will be hit by extreme weather this year, and the seasons will become abnormal. The second volcano erupted, to which he said that there will be a volcanic eruption in the United States this year, which will cause huge damage to the local area.

  The above is the Simpson prophecy, and in addition to Simpson, Martian Boy also made a prediction for 2022, the Martian boy is named Boriska, he is a Russian prophet, the reason why he is called Martian Boy, because he claims to be from Mars, and this conclusion has really been recognized by some scientists.

  For 2022, he made a prediction, that is, a catastrophe, but he did not say what this disaster is, but this disaster will cause great losses to people.

  This third prophet is named Baba Vanga, Baba player is called “Blind Dragon Po”, her way of prophecy is different from the above two, very mysterious, that is, “remote view”, the so-called “remote view” is to see some things that others can’t see, such as a person’s future, marriage, calamity and so on.

  And her prediction for 2022 has 3 predictions, the first is the virus, in his prediction, this year in Siberia, a new virus will appear and cause great losses to people. Second: extreme weather, in his prediction, there will be a lot of extreme weather this year, which will bring disasters to many regions.

  Third: virtual crisis, in his prediction, in the future virtual and reality will be confused, virtual products will increasingly occupy human events, eventually leading to people stupidly unable to distinguish between reality and virtuality.

  This fourth prophet may not be familiar to everyone, he is a Polish prophet, called Czechzewski, there is not much information about him on the Internet, only that he is a famous prophet in Poland, but his international popularity is not high, and he made 2 predictions for 2022.

  This first is also the epidemic, he said that this year is a bad year, the epidemic will not go away, there will be a rebound in many places, so he reminded people to pay special attention. Second: disaster, he said that there will be fires in some areas this year, and this fire will cause a lot of damage to the local area.

  This is the prophecy made by Czechzewski for 2022, then let’s take a look at Nostradamus’s prophecy, for Nostradamus, I believe many people are familiar, he is a prophet in France, he was very famous in the last century, and before he went, he left a prophecy book called “Hundred Poems”.

  For 2022, Nostradamus made 3 predictions, the first of which is a meteor impact, in his prediction, this year a meteorite will hit the Earth. Second: inflation, to which he said, many things are rising in price this year, and the purchasing power of money will not be so strong.

  This third famine, he said, this year will occur in many places, especially in backward areas, such as India, Africa and other regions, people will starve.

  This last one is the Malaysian prophet, Datuk Cheng Bojian, Datuk Cheng Bojian his prophecy method is to use the I Ching, gossip to predict the future, and his prediction is very accurate, and he was once known as “the person who predicts the most in modern times”.

  For 2022, he made three major predictions, the first is the energy crisis, he said that this year the global energy crisis will break out, the world will usher in the crisis of oil shortage and global power outage. Second: He said there will be a big explosion this year, and there is also a danger of harmful gas leakage.

  Third: the economy, he said, this year the economy will be turbulent, the financial industry will be impacted, and virtual currency will also become two extremes, either fall to the bottom, or soar to the sky, and because of economic problems, many companies will also fail.

  The above are the 14 predictions made by 6 famous prophets in the world for 2022, so do they say these predictions are really accurate? Can we believe it?

  To this! I personally don’t believe it, why say that? Because these can’t be called prophecies at all, let’s see, the vast majority of these prophecies he said will happen every year, such as extreme weather, earthquakes and so on! Doesn’t this happen every year?

  So don’t believe in the so-called prophecy, that’s all deceptive, that is, use the anxiety in people’s hearts to bluff people, so don’t believe in prophecies, believe and believe in science,

All right! Then today we are here, I am off, like friends can like, follow, leave a message to support, then let’s see you in the next issue.