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There is a label, Pan Xiaoting has been wearing it for a long time, the name “Nine-Ball Diva”, she must be the originator. In fact, this title should be divided into two parts, “Nine Balls” is its project, “Queen of Heaven” is its title, in addition to good ball skills, Pan Xiaoting’s beautiful appearance and super high fashion taste. In September this year, Pan Xiaoting was invited by UNIPX MEDIA, one of the organizers of New York Fashion Week, to come to the fashion capital of New York, below, Xiaobian will take you to follow Pan Xiaoting’s footsteps to see the world champion’s “fashion journey”.

During this trip to New York, Pan Xiaoting changed her different styles, interpreting her softness, elegance, heroism, classicism and modernity.

In the dictionary of the Queen of Heaven, heroic qi is an indispensable adjective, because it is the aura implied in the bones and blood of a professional and excellent athlete, and there is no need to deliberate, but the power that naturally exudes.

This time, Pan Xiaoting chose to attend the four big shows of New York fashion, which were the show of China’s top women’s clothing brand NAERSI, China’s top designer independent brand Taoray Wang (Wang Tao), China’s top designer independent brand LANYU, and Vivienne Tam, a top Chinese designer independent brand.

These four super brands have been interpreted by Pan Xiaoting, from the high-end experience of interior visual design of the top luxury house in Manhattan, New York, to the free flow and combination of East and West in SOHO, a gathering place for Manhattan’s hipsters.

This time, Unique Media collaborated with the famous American designer Campion Platt to shoot in a famous mansion designed by him in SOHO, New York. Kaipin is an interior designer sought after by American Hollywood stars and New York celebrities. His work has been recognized by all sectors of the industry as one of the “100 Best Architects and Designers in New York City”. As one of the favorite interior designers of Hollywood stars, he is also a pioneer in promoting environmentally friendly design, and has designed showrooms for New York landmarks such as Time Warner Center, SONY, luxury Ermenegildo Zegna and more.

The next shooting of Pan Xiaoting’s indoor mansion was all shot from the works of Kaipinen designers. Let’s take a good look.

In a series of shoots, Taoray Wang’s trendy brand series Taoray Taoray was first chosen to show a full sense of home leisure, Oversize’s super David clothes make people look comfortable “hiding” in their most comfortable world, you can rest freely on the sofa, and you can run freely on the carpet. And the most conspicuous is the streamer with the brand LOGO that is popular this year, and the looming sequin miniskirt, Xiaoting also played the game of “missing lower body”, which is the most popular way to dress this year, which not only looks extremely slender legs, small sexy, but also comfortable at home.

Reading a magazine, drinking a cup of coffee, and reclining on the sofa in the oversized living room are the most pleasant moments of life.

Even though it is at home, the elegance of the space between the bedroom and the roof is occasionally required. Xiaoting is an athlete, but billiards is an elegant sport, both physical and mental power, dressing is more pants, but today do not play billiards, just change into a “uniform”, yes, this is indeed a “fleece” elegant long skirt, from the hands of LANYU Lanyu, this dress is very romantic, you can take a glass of red wine, overlooking the whole of Manhattan on the inside of the rooftop, is an elegant and confident lady, enjoy a glorious career, both fashionable and elegant.

Later, when the wind on the rooftop became stronger, Xiaoting turned into an artist and wore an irregularly cut white silk suit on her body, this set is also from LANYU, so it is fresh. In front of a huge oil picture, it seems to have traveled back to the Renaissance, the peak of human art in the Middle Ages, in Rome, in Florence, out of such a strange woman in white clothes, quietly read a book, time is still because of you.

In fact, there is more than one life look, and the “perfect housewife” busy in the middle of the kitchen is equally appreciated. So Xiaoting transformed into a beautiful “chef lady” and interpreted Vivienne Tam’s classic woolen sweatshirt. Relaxed, ready for a relaxing moment after a meal, lying on the side of the purple timeless noble sofa, behind the bustling Manhattan. For now, enjoy a moment of tranquility.

Pan Xiaoting is as tired as a “superwoman”. At this moment, the sun on the rooftop is just right, warm and not dazzling. Like a reincarnation, she transformed into a heroic woman, camouflage coat, with a long gauze skirt underneath, seemingly a very contradictory match, but it looks just right in this woman who is both feminine and heroic. That’s the subtlety of Taoray Wang. The power in charm just complements the Manhattan behind him. I believe that everyone who sees it will exclaim: “This is amazing!” ”

The sun is tilted, at this moment the sun is just 39 degrees north latitude, Pan Xiaoting wearing a classic silk jacket of blue jade came to the trendy crowd gathering place SOHO in Manhattan, New York, her graceful figure, with the soft face of a Jiangnan woman, and the strong eyes of a northern woman, with such a pink classic of “happy eyebrows”, behind the most representative architectural complex in the entire New York, the magical integration of Eastern and Western cultures was successfully fermented at this moment.

The next Taoray Wang oversized jacket is very exciting, and the petite Pan Xiaoting also loves plus-size clothes, which have a sense of security and diversify the shape, and the streamer design at the pocket is very popular, making a plain open hoodie suddenly come alive. Walking on the streets like this immediately attracts countless eyes.

New York is a diverse city, the old Chinese town has a lot of Hong Kong taste, seems to be a copy of old Hong Kong, Vivienne Tam is from Hong Kong, her clothing design, Hong Kong elements and Asian elements are never lacking. This set of plaid pleated tops, with the strong “Hong Kong flavor” signboard in Chinatown, makes people smell the smell of Victoria Harbour. It’s really shocking, it turns out that the right costume can make people travel through time and space, and can make people instantly return to the old time and space.

Pan Xiaoting’s temperament as an athlete can be described as invincible, and she can easily control any style of fashion items, suits, haute couture, and trendy brands. This fashionista, who has successfully crossed over from the past “diva” to today, staged a fashion drama in New York. Every street she walked on became a beautiful scenery.

Whether it is Taoray Wang’s camouflage sleeveless trench coat with a gauze skirt, or Vivenne Tam’s short super shimmering long-sleeved sweater with a vintage fishtail skirt, whether it is NAERSI white super eye-catching leather bandeau with white leather pants, or LANYU’s fairy angel goddess shawl one-piece short skirt, each set shows the charm of Pan Xiaoting’s different angles. It seems that in the future, people’s appearance and matching requirements for athletes will definitely rise to a higher level because of the fashion trend led by Pan Xiaoting.

New York Fashion Week ended perfectly, as one of China’s most famous athletes, Pan Xiaoting’s trip to New York was full of fashion, and her blockbuster films are absolutely good-looking!

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