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Hip hypertrophy really affects the figure, not only makes people look fat and bloated, but also suitable clothing is difficult to buy, adhere to shaping yoga to create beautiful curves!

【Article Guide】What to do if the waist is thick and the hips are wide? You can try shaping with yoga for 10 minutes a day to get in shape!

Shakespeare once said, “In a thousand hearts there are a thousand Hamlets.” Just as no two leaves are exactly the same in this world, people are full of differences.

Take the body as an example, everyone’s physique is different, so their body curves are not the same, there are many sisters who are prone to fat physique around Lotus, their usual diet is very regular, and the food they eat is also very healthy.

But the weight is high, the hips, abdomen, and thighs have become fat accumulation points, and the body looks very bloated.

For such a physique, we must not only pay attention to diet, but also exercise is essential. Sisters who are prone to fat physique can try yoga exercises to lose weight and shape their bodies, and carry out special training for the “hardest-hit areas” of fat accumulation, slimming legs, slimming waist, and flat abdomen.

Especially for busy office workers, simple and practical yoga exercises are perfect, do not consume too much time, after you have completed a hard day’s work, squeeze out 10 minutes of time, stretch the torso, move joints, erect the spine, help you eliminate fatigue and reduce stress.

Being busy at work shouldn’t be an excuse for neglecting health, and yoga practice is very convenient, and if you really don’t have time to go out and exercise, the office is also a great place to workout.

For sisters who are prone to fat physique, yoga provides special action postures, so that the fat on the hips and buttocks is no longer loose, improve the wide crotch and thick waist, and shape a slender and slender good body, no matter what clothes are very beautiful!

A healthy body and mind and a perfect body are the beginning of a good life, and if you are also eager for change, join the practice of yoga!

Slimming Yoga 1: Simple Sitting Twist (left)

Action Details:

With your feet on the ground, exhale slowly, turn your body to the left and back, rest your right hand on a chair, and rest your left hand on your hip or thigh.

Here stay for five sets of breaths, relax the shoulders away from the ears with each exhale, try to adduct the right hip as you inhale, maintain the hip center, let the breathing become even and steady, stretch the collarbone, inhale back to the front face, exhale to relax the shoulders.

Slimming Yoga II: Flatbed

Exhale, first let your hands spread the ground, compact the floor, inhale and retreat your left foot to the flat position. Adjust the pelvis, shoulders, and heels in the same straight line, tighten the core, and look in the direction of the ground.

For one last exhale, drop your knees first, bend your elbows and slowly lie prone on the floor.

Slimming Yoga III: Dynamic Support Locust to Baby Flow

Now lower your head, your forehead to the ground, and lift your legs at the same time as you inhale again, holding three breaths. Do not spread your legs too far, exhale slowly and drop your legs, withdraw your arms, put your hands back on your chest, and retreat into baby pose.

Sit your legs back on your heels and exhale, your belly close to your thighs, your forearms folded, and your forehead falling on your forearms. Breathe deeply, stretch your hips, relax your lower back, and feel the harmony and stability of your body.

Action Details:

Action Details: